Nevada Man Who Survived UFO Abduction Says Aliens Asked Him About Jesus Christ

HENDERSON, Nv. – A Nevada man who claims he was abducted by aliens from outer space last month says his extraterrestrial kidnappers attempted to convert him to Christianity while he was aboard their spacecraft.

Nigel Harshaw of Suffolk, England, who is in the United States on a temporary work visa, told Channel 13 Action News that on the evening of January 28, he was in his backyard assembling a grill when the incident occurred. “I just remember I was standing there with an Allen wrench in my hand and then in what felt like an instant, I was someplace else,” he recalled.

That “someplace else,” according to Nigel, was the inside of an unidentified flying object. The thirty-seven year-old IT consultant, who claims he spent nine hours aboard the spacecraft, says he was able to communicate with his alien captors. “Their language and speech patterns were unlike anything I’ve ever heard,” he said, adding, “Yet, somehow I was able to understand and interact with them.”

According to Harshaw’s account, the “human-like” beings did not appear hostile. “They asked me if I’d heard the good news. I told them, ‘I don’t know that I have.’ They said, ‘God loves you and He wants you to know and love Him. He offers you peace and joy and a fulfilled life.” Nigel, who is an atheist, said he was too frightened to say so at the time and instead did his best to appear open to their message.

“They told me that Jesus Christ visited their planet four hundred thousand years ago proclaiming to be the Son of God,” Harshaw recounted. He added that one of the beings presented him with an object that it described as a bible. “The last thing they told me before I was returned home was that Jesus is coming.”

Harshaw said despite being spared any physical harm, he was beside himself with terror throughout the entirety of the experience. “Honestly, I wish it had happened to somebody else,” he told Channel 13 Action News. On January 30, just two days after the alleged event, two “very stern” officials from the U.S. Air Force showed up at Mr. Harshaw’s Black Mountain home and confiscated the “bible-like” object. “They didn’t ask any questions,” he recalled. “They made it very clear what they were there for, and once they had it, they simply left.”

To add insult to injury, Nigel Harshaw was notified by the U.S. Department of State on Sunday that his temporary work visa has been revoked. He has until the end of the week to return to the United Kingdom.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. Good stuff! Thanks R Hobbus. Nice relief from what the major networks write! Aloha to Michael Shooltz.

  2. They sound SO much more interesting than the crew-cut wearing dick whom accused my purple-wearing sister of being a sinner and a witch, in New Milton High St two weeks back.Nigel is one Lucky Man

  3. Hello Mr.Hobbus.
    I was wondering if you knew how to get in contact with Nigel Harshaw ?
    Either by email or phone or skype…..



  4. The eerie story does not end there! The aliens also gave him Elvis’s original blue suede shoes, but the US Air Force officials confiscated them too. During the Air Force visit, Harshaw’s otherwise healthy golden retriever sneezed five times in a row, something he had never done before in his life. Adding insult to injury, Harshaw’s Famous Velveeta Soufflé fell. Unfortunately, his full home security system happened to malfunction for the exact duration of the Air Force’s visit.

  5. I feel like I know this event. I saw a vision-like something of an alien ship good several years ago. The thing showed me a US military transporter helicopter landing just by (my?) a camper van that I was in after a UFO passed over, and a soldier of which who was carried approached my van told me in my face to not tell anyone of the event, and Black Mountain looks a lot like the location I saw.

  6. The world in mass won’t believe you. Don’t be discouraged.

    It is scary when we find out the world is not what we thoughts

    At least they came with good news, it could have been the other.

    Be glad.

    You must be a believer now?

  7. I’m pretty sure this happened on Water Street in Henderson. I once met Nigel at the Eldorado casino in old town. I was carrying leftover curry from Lotus of Water Street. He said the aliens don’t like onions. I thought about the conversation at Lovelady. Then at the Goldmine I was throwing a horseshoe and realized that ‘sport’ is preparing us for contact.

  8. the Good News is
    a Galactic white hat said he would return to scoop up some chosen ones but the Bible said 225,000 only. Maybe some will sanctuary in “Eden”. Bible also said the earth was made with the waters above and below the globes shell[or firmament]. The inner shell is more benign with space radiation shielding and longer life spans. Today S. Deyo was taking about the Antichrist or leader of the ones cast out of heaven to Earth and is suggesting the new Saudi leader is the awaited return of a [Solomon]by name Salaman??? To begin the battle of Armageddon Islamic hordes etc. on the side of the fallen

  9. I found under this amazing. I do believe it and I am unsure why. But I am sorry for your stress. Do you believe in Jesus now or just aliens? Sincerely, Diana

  10. Message from the Andromedans
    We are from Rigel, we come to your help.
    A giant planet is going to collide with yours.
    The entire Solar System is in danger because of it.
    We want to abduct you
    for this you have to practice the mystical death of the ego
    from any philosophy where you can find it.
    Quick, the sooner the better.
    On behalf of God the Father, be better children
    you have destroyed the Creation
    bequeathed to you and you do not even feel guilty.
    We are in the Leonids, if you point your telescopes
    towards us, you surely will get a surprise.
    Thank you for having attended to this message.
    Goodbye from your Andromeda brothers.

  11. Really always thought the catholic church is the beast who sits on the seven hills of Rome. Satans mouthpiece misleading millions.

  12. It’s crazy how everything links together Trump fulfilling the prophecy. The strange things going on in the world. Then Stephen Hawkings death and his last warning and right after that what came ? A few weird voicemails people received and ended up having coordinates to where the missing Malaysia airplane went missing 4 years ago.

  13. I have heard that once a UFO had crashed down in USA,,,and the authorities four a book from the UFO and that on closer look found that it had close similarity with holy Bible

  14. I know these people are real I know the book that he was given and it was real why the government is hiding it from us I will never know but a lot of things are going to change in this world very soon I know this to be true and I cannot tell you why or how but I’ve been there and I’ve done that

  15. I know these aliens to be true and I know they are living among us now we have nothing to fear from them I think we have more to fear from our own government

  16. Read the Bible which is the truth!!! Then the truth will set you free!! JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER ECCEPT THTOUGH HIM!! God sent his only begotten son to die on a cross to save us from eternal Hell!! Thats how much God loves you!!

  17. My wife and I have pics of Ufo on 2 occasions here in Pensacola. We are Christians, not given to sensational or bizarre things.

  18. We are from planet Marx
    We come in peace
    You were guided by the now defunct institutes of church
    We come to tell you to listen to God directly
    And buy a smartphone, Plug-in
    Go(d)ogle loves you.

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