U.S. Navy Confirms Ship-Based Rail Gun, Laser Weapons Designed For Interplanetary Defense

SOUTH KOREA – In an unprecedented admission Tuesday, Colonel Roy Campbell of the United States Joint Special Operations Command brought to light the existence of a top secret multinational task force designed to thwart off a potential attack from extraterrestrial aggressors. It may sound like the plot of a Michael Bay movie but according to officials directly involved with the task force, the operation, code named STARGAZR, has become something of a frightening reality.

The White House, so far, has been silent on the issue, with President Obama speaking at the annual National Prayer Breakfast alongside the Dali Lama yesterday at a Washington area Hilton. However, other world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin, who took the opportunity to stage a photo op with reporters, spoke briefly on the matter.  “We have been working closely with our allies, including the Americans, on this pressing issue. It affects all countries.” The Russian president added that the G7 countries are leading the initiative but “all allied countries are playing a role.”

During a routine training exercise with South Korean Naval Forces on Wednesday, a high ranking member of the U.S. Special Operations Center Pacific Command spoke on condition of anonymity with this reporter confirming Putin’s statement while adding that “the United States and it’s allies are working in conjunction with NASA’s Special Projects Board,” a previously unknown branch of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, which, the official explained, is a clandestine entity NASA implemented exclusively for operation STARGAZR.

A specialist with NASA’s Infrared Telescope Facility in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, who has first hand knowledge of the Special Projects Board but wished to remain anonymous, spoke via telephone with the Associated Press yesterday. The specialist would not comment on the Special Projects Board itself but said the Board, as well as operation STARGAZR, were initiated after the discovery of two satellites orbiting earth which the specialist said “were not our own.” According the AP the specialist would not elaborate further.

Following the wrap up of joint exercises with the U.S. Navy on Wednesday, Vice Admiral Juri Han of the South Korean Navy informed reporters that his government had authorized him to speak briefly on the subject of the initiative. Han confirmed what others had said and reiterated the plan “to develop a global defense apparatus,” and, he added, “It’s no longer a question of ‘if this happens’ but ‘when.'”

Multiple sources confirm NASA’s Special Projects Board has been working with the U.S. Navy to help develop a high-energy electromagnetic rail gun which the Navy plans to deploy using a fleet of high speed vessels as early as 2016. The rail gun uses kinetic energy to propel a projectile at speeds capable of reaching Mach 6.

The Navy has also developed a ship-mounted precision laser weapon which, up until recently it claimed, was designed to shoot down enemy drones.  The laser is reportedly so precise that it has received the nickname “Hubble telescope of the sea” and can detonate targets at an undisclosed range within a nanosecond of firing.

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