Donald Trump Demands Vatican Release Jesus’ ‘Birth Certificate’

NEW YORK, NY. – While speaking to potential donors during a black tie fund-raising event in New York City this weekend, billionaire entrepreneur and potential presidential candidate Donald Trump called on Pope Francis and the Vatican to release proof of Jesus’ birth and ethnicity.

“I’m not saying Jesus didn’t exist. That’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying the Vatican ought to put to rest any speculation as to Jesus’ ethnicity,” Trump said, adding, “Being Semitic doesn’t automatically make you a Jew. Semites are also Arab, they are Assyrian, they are Muslim.”

The real estate magnate said he plans to travel to Vatican City later this month to meet personally with Pope Francis and “set the record straight.”

Bill O’Reilly, host of The O’Reilly Factor, which airs on the Fox News Channel, echoed Mr. Trump’s statements, saying that while he agrees with the fundamentals of Christianity, he, too, has doubts about the historical claims surrounding Jesus’ ethnicity. “The Vatican has a long history of censoring information,” he said, adding that Jesus was born and raised in a predominantly Arab society. O’Reilly says he’s considering filing a lawsuit against the Vatican to force the Holy See to release the records.

Trump has said he is “seriously considering” a run for the presidency in 2016 but has yet to make an official announcement. In 2011, during President Obama’s run for reelection, Mr. Trump heavily advocated for the release of the president’s birth certificate, which Trump said was invalid because Obama “wasn’t born in this country,” and that “he shouldn’t be the president of the United States.”

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  1. Donald Trump worried about JESUS’ birth certificate is ridiculous! If anyone concerned whether JESUS was a JEW etc is concerned about the WRONG thing! That’s too much like being racist! What difference does it make? If you believe in JESUS just KNOW that HE existed and that HE is coming back! Color does not define a human being and they need to take it off applications and everything else! What difference does it make if there is a billion Caucasians and a billion African Americans in United States. I understood it when I was younger, but now it just does not matter! Politicians can come up with any thing and every excuse in the book, there is no need to know that information anymore. It does not matter who has the most AIDS in what area, or how many people had the H1N1 flu or anything else. A census on race is just a way to keep things segregated! All that is bull crap!

  2. Wow, what a request Mr. Trump. That must be the request of the century. Hope the Vatican will give you a copy of the birth certificate of Jesus Christ.

    1. The Vatican, or Christianity did not exist yet! Christianity was just starting. But St. Augustine has an explanation: “For those who have the FAITH, no explanation is needed, (they know who Jesus is,) and for those who have no faith, NO AMOUNT OF EXPLANATION IS NEEDED… they will not believe!”

  3. In daniel 7 from verse 7 it talk about that mystreous beast when it has alot of hones bt another hone grow that has mouth bt it spoke abomination to words against of the most high xo thats him

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