Facebook to Roll Out New Security and Software Updates to Improve Service, Bandwitdh 

MENLO PARK, Ca. –  Mark Zuckerberg announced today that Facebook will roll out exciting new features and updates this month to improve the world’s largest social media platform. The changes were revealed during a board of directors meeting last Monday at Facebook headquarters. An outline obtained by Wired Magazine details the latest security update as well a new tiered pricing policy for users to take advantage of. 
In an effort to protect users personal information, Facebook is adding another layer of security using voice recognition software attached to the newest version of the mobile app. Milo Hoffman, a Facebook Application Engineer specializing in Identity and Access Management, told board members the update will “allow Facebook to independently verify users utilizing the mobile app by pattern mapping their voice.” By installing the required security update, users agree to allow Facebook access to their mobile device’s microphone for the purpose of authenticating their identity. 
In addition, Facebook will release a software update May 1st which will “drastically improve” the site’s bandwitdh by limiting users social interactions with one another to ten per day. This includes Likes, shares, friend requests, Pokes, commenting, invites, status updates, and game requests. Users who wish to exceed the ten interaction limit may purchase additional interaction packages, or “InteractPacks.” Pricing for these packages begins at $5 and includes five interactions.
Also included in the update is an agreement between the user, Facebook, and major mobile carriers which allows Facebook to administer a $7.99 monthly subscription fee to the user’s mobile phone bill for use of the mobile app. The agreement also outlines the number of devices the user is permitted to run Facebook on. “To improve overall service, beginning May 1st, users will be limited to two devices. These include all mobile devices and tablets,” Facebook product manager Lisa Calighan told board members. “Should our users wish to utilize additional devices, they will be subject to a $3.99 monthly service charge for each additional device.”   
Former product marketing manager, Alice Poulson, who announced her resignation shortly after the board meeting, spoke with Wired Magazine and quoted Mr. Zuckerberg as saying, “These changes are necessary to the growth and stability of Facebook. Not only will they increase our bandwidth, they will also allow for long overdue and substantial bonuses for everyone in this room.” Zuckerberg added, “Nothing in this world is free and its time people start paying their dues.”

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