Hillary Clinton Files Restraining Order Against ‘Intrusive’ Rand Paul

CHAPPAQUA, Ny. – Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has filed a restraining order with the New Castle Justice Court against Republican Senator and 2016 Presidential candidate Rand Paul. A copy of the order obtained by this reporter details Paul’s obsession and fascination with Clinton dating back to her time as Secretary of State. 
The frightening details include several break in attempts at Mrs. Clinton’s private residence as well as her office while serving as Secretary of State. One such attempt occurred just before the taping of Mrs. Clinton’s presidential campaign announcement video, prompting Clinton take legal action against the escalating harassment. Six months prior to the attempted break ins, the Clintons’ Secret Service detail spotted Senator Paul in a large pine tree on the west side of the Clinton compound. He was briefly taken into custody and found to have a hiking backpack in his possession containing long range binoculars, an MRE, two bottles of water, and night vision equipment. At the time no charges were filed. 
At the Clintons’ request, the Secret Service opened an investigation in conjunction with local and federal law enforcement agencies into Rand Paul’s behavior and recent activities relating to Mrs. Clinton. When asked for a comment on the investigation, Agent Aaron Pierce, the senior agent in charge, declined. However, reports and statements obtained by this reporter paint an unsettling picture of the obsession held by the Kentucky senator. 
Agent Coulson, communications liaison and recent addition to the Clinton detail, told this reporter, “There are some very disgusting and disturbing details regarding Senator Paul’s infatuation with Evergreen,” he said, referring to Mrs. Clinton’s assigned code name. He continued, “We have phone records showing Mr. Paul repeatedly calling the Clinton residence late at night and hanging up, sometimes as many as thirty or forty times in a six hour period. Additionally we have video surveillance showing Mr. Paul following Evergreen to and from campaign events and public places, often yelling ‘We demand the truth about Benghazi.'” Coulson added the Republican Senator has also been observed rummaging through the Clintons’ trash receptacles on at least seven occasions.
Last week Secret Service agents accompanied local law enforcement to deliver a restraining order to Senator Paul’s residence in Kentucky. Upon arrival, agents intercepted the senator as he attempted to flee the residence in his vehicle. He was caught carrying a briefcase, which upon inspection, was found to contain dozens of black and white long distance photographs of Mrs. Clinton, documents described as ‘Benghazi literature,’ and a .22 caliber silenced pistol. 
According to Agent Coulson, following the discovery of the briefcase, Secret Service agents decided to search the Paul residence. It was then that agents encountered a locked door which led to a secure office on the basement level of the home. “I’ve never seen anything quite like it,” Coulson told this reporter. “The walls were plastered with photographs of Evergreen, some going back thirty years or more. He had two huge side by side poster boards on the wall behind the desk. One was an enlarged aerial photograph of the Benghazi consulate, and the other an equally large aerial photograph of the Clinton compound. There were Post It notes all over the place detailing the similarities between the two.” Coulson added a dozen handwritten notebooks were removed from the office containing what he described as “dark and twisted ramblings.”
This reporter reached out to the Rand Paul 2016 Campaign for comment and spoke to campaign strategist Nancy Kaufberger, who said, “We do not view this as a ‘Rand Paul’ issue. This issue has been fabricated by the Washington Machine headlined by Clinton. These are the types of things we are working to prevent. We need to stop Hillary now.”

R. Hobbus J.D.

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