Kevin Spacey Hospitalized Following White House Breach

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Actor Kevin Spacey was involuntarily hospitalized and is undergoing a psychological evaluation following an incident at the White House over the weekend. Sources close to the 55 year-old actor say he recently suffered from a nervous breakdown possibly brought on by stress from overworking.

Its unclear why Mr. Spacey was in the nation’s capital over Mother’s Day weekend but according to witness accounts, at approximately 1:15 p.m. on Sunday, Spacey, who was visibly distressed, was seen pacing up and down Pennsylvania Avenue near the White House. Several people recognized the actor while more than a few made attempts to grab his attention and pose for photos.

U.S. Capitol Police say Spacey appeared completely unaware of his surroundings until a passerby addressed him as “Frank Underwood,” a character portrayed by Spacey in the show House of Cards, to which the actor replied, “Nothing lasts forever. Even the longest, most glittering reign must come to an end some day.”

It was then, police say, that Spacey bolted for the White House gate, managing to slip past uniformed Secret Service officers before being taken down by a K9 while screaming, “I’m the President of the United States, and I can separate the big from the small!” By the time Secret Service agents had the situation under control, Mr. Spacey had been shot with a Taser three times and was babbling incoherently.

At a press conference today U.S. Secret Service Spokesman Brian Leary described Spacey’s behavior during the exchange, calling it “highly irrational.” The Academy Award-winning actor remained in character, as “Frank Underwood,” up until he was taken in restraints to a nearby hospital under police escort. Citing a recent poll, Leary said, “Twelve percent of Americans believe Frank Underwood is the President of the United States. Apparently Kevin Spacey is one of them.”

At press time, Spacey remained under observation in an isolation ward at a D.C. area psychiatric center. Filming for Season Four of House of Cards is expected to begin this summer.

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