Obama to Sign Executive Order Stripping Texas of Statehood Ahead of Jade Helm 15

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Obama will issue an executive order next week stripping Texas of statehood while creating a sovereign nation-state between the U.S. and Mexico, a White House official speaking on condition of anonymity told The Washington Post today. Effective July 1st, the laws governing the United States, including the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and, additionally, the Geneva Conventions, will no longer apply to Texas or its residents.

The order is set to become law just days ahead of what the Obama administration and the Pentagon are calling a “large-scale training exercise.” Dubbed ‘Jade Helm 15,’ the operation involves several states, including Texas, and consists of roughly 1,200 soldiers and seamen from U.S. Army Special Operations Command, Navy SEALs, and Air Force special operations forces.

In April, Texas Governor Greg Abbott placed the Texas State Guard on alert and instructed them to “closely monitor” the military exercise over concerns it might be a ploy to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens through the implementation of martial law. However, the Obama administration has repeatedly refuted these claims, calling them “conspiratory and baseless.”

Eric Masterson, a White House National Security advisor, said, “The purpose of Operation Jade Helm is to help the Texas transitional government facilitate a swift conversion into sovereignty. This isn’t some vast conspiracy; in fact, it’s very similar to what we’ve done in Iraq and Afghanistan.” Masterson said the overall objective is to curb illegal immigration by creating a buffer zone between the U.S. and Mexico, effectively shortening the border between the two countries. “The Texas-Mexico border currently accounts for 66% of the entire U.S.-Mexico border, with Texas serving as a focal point for illegal immigration,” Masterson said.

Beginning July 1st, the Lone Star nation-state will be solely responsible for its survival and prosperity, however the United States will maintain a fleet of U.S. Navy destroyers and nuclear submarines in the Port of Houston. Additionally, the Department of State plans to erect a heavily fortified embassy there, allowing the Port of Houston and all its assets to remain on U.S. soil.

“Of course any Texans who wish to obtain U.S. citizenship are encouraged to do, provided they seek it through legal means,” said Masterson, who added that current immigration policies apply to Texan nationals “the same as they do for everyone else.”

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  1. What is the executive order number? and the article says that this intel was told to the Washington Post, yet the Washington Post says they never received such intel. Please explain.

  2. Lol……..what a joke…..people….if your getting your news off fb or any other site that ends with a dot com……..your loosing ground. .org or . gov…..everything else has a high probability of being crap…..or highly bias!!!!!! not all of it…but the majority.

  3. Well Obama, if you strip Texas of its statehood, you can take your/my US Citizenship and shove it up your ass!

  4. If Texas becomes a sovereign nation, then wouldn’t Jade Helm be considered an invasion? That might make a few Texans angry. Washington won’t like us when we’re angry.

    1. They did say that it would be a lot like what they did in Iraq and Afghanistan. We all know how well that worked out.

      1. Paul, as an illegal alien or simply an ignorant bafoon Libtard, do you play with yourself in front of your FatHead poster of your goddess Obuttshit?

  5. It’s got to be Aptil fools or something! I wish it was that easy! And yes If it happened Jade Helm would be met as an invasion!

  6. I think it’s a wonderful idea. Texas were ready to withdraw anyway. And by the way, if we are a nation-state, then why would we want a US presence in Houston? I say, “Move ’em or lose ’em!”

      1. Josie, you must be a yankee liberal that follows obama like a blind sheep. We don’t want you here in Texas anyway!

  7. Even Odouchebag is smart enough to know this is NOT going to work. And trying it with 1200 soldiers? Y’all won’t get any further north than Spring. Texas is armed and already pissed!

      1. Ha boned, I’d be willing to bet your parents are checking O’loser’s abortion policy praying it is not too late to abort u.

  8. it said we could obtain US citizenship through the legal way I was born in the US I am a citizen not only that I’m a veteran and so Obama can kiss my ass.

  9. You need to be a really ill informed citizen in order to believe this. I’m willing to bet not one person who backs this tripe is willing to set aside their beliefs for one second to fact check this and see how wrong they are. Of course we can all just wait till it doesn’t happen, but then again, conspiracy theorists never really relied on facts to align their truth. Just whatever paranoid twitch they feel in their gut suits them as fact enough.

    1. Next time you have a thought Mr. Watson do us all a favor and pull your bottom lip over your head and swallow

  10. I would be perfectly content being a Texas citizen, the Titanic is sinking, Texas will be our lifeboat!

    1. I agree Ricky….couldn’t find this article anywhere so it’s got to be false….I’m not a fan of Obama but there again I’m not a fan of false stories either!

  11. Oh for Pete’s sake. All you people getting your panties in a wad…..we all knew it was satire and just had a helluva laugh from it. Some people have no sense of humor whatsoever. I’m a Texan and thought it was hilarious.

  12. Texas watch it, this piece of shit traitor Obama has got ISIS across border in Mexico, that fucking scum bag is going to let them go on you and U.S. won’t have to do anything about it, that motherfucker

  13. oh man, I got excited for nothing? It would of course be one way to rid ourselves of Obama and all the criminal politicians at once, but when THAT got out and everyone realized it, we would have millions of people wanting to become Texans and…well.. immigration problems,…and there goes the neighborhood.

  14. Oh its ok for illeagals to come in illegally but a citizen of texas has to go through the rifht channels

  15. This is BS! But if it were true..and all the folks I see here saying it’d be taken as an invasion…you don’t wanna go there..Texas vs USA..I think we all know how that would shake out!


  16. Whatever this is about…Obama doesn’t have the authority to drop states from the Republic…and…if Texas was allowed to leave…America would immediately collapse economically since Texas is a top revenue and job producing state.And last of all…most of America would immediately move there to get away from the Libtards and their bastardization of our Constitution… Texas would then be FREE to throw all the illegals back across the border too So… Your move…Libtards….

  17. Wow….There are a lot of silly silly people out there…Go-ahead, check it out, look at the percentage of people that have taken this article seriously…scary..If you are one of those people..I have no idea what to say…except..perhaps think just a bit longer before coming to a conclusion…Or…wait for the folks to come knocking on your doors, taking your guns, tossing cell phones to homeless people, or any other catastrophe that will be brought on by…yep you guessed it..OBAMA..;)

  18. Does this mean that they have to give back a the federal aid they got for the flooding 8|

    There is no truth to the above-quoted story. The web site Real News Right Now is just one of many fake news sites currently operating on the Internet, one which does not contain a disclaimer stating the true nature of the site.

    In fact, the web site’s “About Section” boasts of the many journalistic accomplishments of its lead author, R. Hobbus J.D. This too, of course, is a work of fiction:

    Read more → http://www.snopes.com/media/notnews/jadetexas.asp

  19. Who knows, maybe Donald Trump will be filling in for Osama ,I mean Obama. Did anyone ever figure out why Sharpton hasn’t been brought up on Murder charges? I thought there wasn’t a statute of limitations on it. Freddies Fashion Mart fire. Arson.

  20. I really have a hard time believing that any Texan would believe this garbage. This why the country is so divide. Idiots publishing crap like this and other idiots beliveing it.

    1. Carlos you are right on target. We really do need to spend more on education especially in Tex Ass.

  21. Obamas a domestic terrorist and I took a oath to protect from foreign and domestic terrorist when I enlisted in the us armed forces HOOAH you go Texas and all my brother and sisters at fort hood

    1. Capital hill elitist-Obama strategy. He must be offended. If this is true reporting he makes Texas a buffer zone, a dump ground, sort of a redefined spatial border, a tactical zone by Executive Order. Why not On the Mexican border? Why not On Mexican soil just as we are On Afghan & Iraqi soil thn? Texans seize the day – a greater state!

  22. If so then all our tax money’s should no longer go to the US. That MEANS IRS.no longer can collect from us, the EPA no longer has any authority and the only court that has authority here is TEXAS Supreme court. Also WE no longer have land belonging to the BLM. WHAT A NICE THOUGHT!

  23. Reblogged this on Dano Dare Speak and commented:
    This bit of satire sure got a few folks going!! Plenty of Texans would likely support such an action, as we are fed up with “Fed” overseers in our great Republic… Might be a workable solution, Governor Abbott certainly appears to be the kind of man we could call President!!

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