Remington to Offer Organic Line of Ammunition

LONOKE, Ar. – A spokesman for the Remington Arms Company, America’s oldest firearms manufacturer, announced Friday that the company, in an effort to appeal to vegans and other health conscious firearms enthusiasts, is rolling a new product line of organic ammunition. “Not only is each individual round created using the highest quality organic material, Remington also buys every component locally,” spokesman Tommy Ross said.

While cheaper than conventional ammunition, Remington’s organic line meets the same quality standards that have governed the company’s ammunition production for nearly two hundred years. “In fact, during field testing, our organic rounds outperformed almost every premium grade round on the market, including our own,” Ross said.

The components, which differenciate Remington’s organic ammunition from its standard product line, are made entirely of organically produced materials. “Even the gunpowder is organic,” Ross said. “The projectile, or bullet, is made from the pit of an avocado. Needless to say, we use organic avocados grown right here in Arkansas.” The shell casing and primer, Ross explained, are made of an ultra-lightweight organic polymer capable of withstanding extreme heat.

Gus Bryant, a retired Marine and Arkansas native, got a chance to test out Remington’s new product. Using a bolt-action Remington 700, Bryant was able to take down a deer at a distance of three hundred yards. “I found the organic rounds overexceeded my expectations,” Bryant said, adding he that he felt better about consuming the venison after using an organic bullet rather than lead.

Remington’s organic rounds are set to hit stores in later this month and are available in a variety of calibers, from .22 LR all the way up to .50 BMG. Additionally, Remington will offer a line of organic home defense hollow-point ammunition priced slightly higher than the standard organic rounds.

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