Aircraft Resembling MH370 Found in Warehouse Belonging to CNN

CASA GRANDE, Az. – DEA agents and sheriff’s deputies with the Pinal County Narcotics Task Force made a startling discovery Tuesday while serving a drug warrant that ended in a botched raid. County officials say a typo on the official search warrant lead law enforcement officers to the wrong location, a warehouse in Casa Grande, where, instead of a methamphetamine operation, they found a Boeing 777 commercial airliner and a sedan.

“Upon entering the premises, Pinal County Sheriff’s deputies observed a large commercial airliner parked in the center of the warehouse,” Pinal County’s Chief Investigator Adam Hutch told reporters. “The aircraft in question is white, with a gray underbelly and features red and blue stripes down the middle of fuselage.” Hutch said the plane’s tail prominently displays the all-too-familiar red and blue logo of Malaysian Airlines. Additionally, its registration number, 9M-MRO, matches that of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 which is believed to have crashed in the southern Indian Ocean on March 8, 2014.

“Right now we are trying to determine the origin of this aircraft,” Hutch said, adding that airliner was carrying “less than a quarter tank” of fuel. Public records show the warehouse in question is located on privately owned land in the outskirts of Casa Grande and has been on lease to CNN since March 6, 2014. The twenty-four hour cable news channel declined a request to comment from this reporter but Ted Turner, owner of Turner Broadcasting System Inc, the parent company of CNN, told The New York Times that he found the discovery “very peculiar,” and added, “I have no idea why that would be there.”

During CNN’s The Situation Room Tuesday, Wolf Blitzer was pointedly asked by a guest what his thoughts on the aircraft were. Mr. Blitzer blinked several times while staring into the camera before saying, “I’m sorry, could you repeat that? We seem to be having some issues with the mic.” Blitzer, citing “technical difficulties,” began to tap on his earpiece before removing it entirely to inspect it. He began to blow on the earpiece, presumably to remove dust or hardened ear wax, as the segment cut to an unusually long commercial break.

In addition to the Boeing 777 commercial airliner, Pinal County’s Narcotics Task Force also discovered a black BMW 328i sedan parked in the warehouse. The vehicle was found to be registered to CNN anchor Don Lemon. Authorities said the car was empty except for a spent tear gas canister stamped “Ferguson Police Department” which was found under the passenger seat.

In a statement released by his publicist, Don Lemon said he’s “never even been to Arizona” and accused the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office of racial profiling. Lemon, who drives a Toyota Prius, went on to say he “wouldn’t be caught dead in a vehicle reminiscent of the Third Reich.”

Early Wednesday morning sheriff’s deputies arrested CNN’s Anderson Cooper as he attempted to gain access to the warehouse which has been sealed off by law enforcement pending an investigation. Deputies say Cooper arrived at the scene via helicopter at approximately 7:15 a.m. Rather than land, Cooper, who was wearing a bulletproof Press vest and wrap-around sunglasses, rappelled to the ground from the hovering helicopter. Deputies brought Cooper down with a Taser after he attempted to place a breaching charge on a door leading into the warehouse. He later told investigators he was there to “set the record straight.”

On August 2 a piece of wreckage belonging to a Boeing 777, the same type of aircraft as MH370, washed up on an island in the Indian Ocean. The object was sent to France for further analysis but Malaysian authorities are confident the “wreckage” belongs to the missing MH370.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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  1. OH? what part of this dont i believe? maybe i believe all of it, the GOV. will always lie, so then? what is behind all of this, why do this to those people! was it one of them they were after, and they decided to take em all out? seems there was a movie with that plot, wasnt there? so what happens now? yes…..what happens now???

    1. I saw a story about one of the passengers held a patent on some micro chip and that is why, but all this seems a little too far fetched. Why do away with an entire plane for one man/woman

  2. This is a story or pipe dream out of someones imagination. How many warehouses have you seen that have hanger doors, any runway around, how about air traffic control radar off of Mount Lemon? This story is marked up to FICTION!!

  3. Wolf has been using the technological difficulties bit for so many years I can’t count. The media manipulation of main stream media has no credibility in its flow. CNN might be better called Constant Nonsense News because it has become so overbearingly censored and manipulated it is worse that Pravda at the height of the cold war. The are sinking and will never make enough of a difference anymore among the critically thinking people in the world. Too bad they misused such a potentially wonderful concept.

  4. This entire article is fabricated. There is no record of this or anything like this at ALL. Find it! No one is talking about this, not Wolf, no one. There is no Chief Investigator Adam Hutch and this is all totally fabricated. Try and find ANY kind of info on ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY like this from ANY other place! It’s ONLY from this website. Shame on you for posting obviously totally faked stories like this. LMFAO

  5. Soooo, I couldn’t help but laugh while reading this article, truthfully it did raise my brow for a moment. Until I realized it was a joke about the third sentence. What sealed the deal for me was Anderson Cooper repelling from a hovering helicopter. LMBO!!!!!!!! REALLY?!?! There would be a better chance we’d see the queen of England jumping on a trampoline at Billy Bob’s pig roast before Anderson Cooper would repel from anything. Great laugh, Thank you I needed that. ..

  6. can t find anything on the net about this and Anderson is still loose what the hell ? sources please

    1. A pilot friend of mine said, “That plane was stolen” The day after MH 370 went missing. I wrote E- mail to a TV station the words I heard, “That plane was stolen” I added, “It landed on a remote Island , repaintedf and will return to the USA, loaded with radioactive materials & will crash into the White House, & Obama will be golfing in Hawaii, He knows all about the plot !
      I heard the story repeated on A.M. radio the next week !


  8. What a bunch of BS.. if this was remotely true, why wasn’t it reported anywhere else.. also why aren’t there any pictures? Don’t tell me they didn’t go inside the plane to give us some kind of indication of what happened to the passengers.

    It’s just so cruel and unconscionable that somebody would make up such a story giving any glimmer of hope of finding remains of their loved ones.

    Please stop spreading such lies and stop sharing this story on social media until there is more proof or follow-up to this story.

  9. You had me interested up to the Ferguson Tear Gas Canister gag … GOT ME! ;D Outstanding bit of fluff, very funny! But sadly, the truth will prove to be much (and horribly!) stranger! (Kuala Lumpur > Diego Garcia > Crimea … but that still leaves another 777 airframe unaccounted for.)

  10. This is just another crap new without any proof and evidence of the similar Boeing777 which may be a fake again. Nothing is true until the proof of the unseen finding in reality.

  11. Stranger things have happened .If the goverment was involved you never know .Sounds like a huge ass plane to move drugs to me .im sure they checked plane for evidence of passangers along witgh drug residue. sure will never hear about it again

  12. I can’t believe I read that whole story. What kind of bull …. is this? Yeah I could see Anderson Cooper repelling down a chopper, only if it were a cartoon. What a bunch of hog wash

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