Trump: I Will Absolutely Use A Nuclear Weapon Against ISIS

NEW YORK, Ny. – In response to a question regarding his policy on ISIS, Republican presidential candidate and billionaire Donald Trump told Meet the Press on Sunday that as Commander-in-Chief, he would authorize the use of nuclear weapons to combat Islamic extremism. “Let’s face it, these people are barbarians,” Trump said. “And thanks to Obama’s failed policy in Iraq and Syria, they’re beheading Christians all over the world.”

Mr. Trump said he’s already conferred with a number of high-level active military officials and has put together a comprehensive strategy to defeat the Islamic State within his first one hundred days in office. “It starts with the deployment of four or five of our Ohio-class nuclear submarines to the Persian Gulf,” Trump said. “We’re going to hit them and we’re going to hit them hard. I’m talking about a surgical strike on these ISIS stronghold cities using Trident missiles.”

The Trident is a submarine-launched ballistic missile equipped with multiple independently targetable reentry vehicles, or MIRVs. With a payload of up to fourteen reentry vehicles, each carrying a 362-pound thermonuclear warhead with a yield of 100 kilotons, a single Trident has roughly seventy times the destructive power of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

Trump’s plan to use thermonuclear weapons against ISIS-held areas such as the Syrian city of Al-Raqqah would result in an astronomically high number of civilian casualties, according to CNN military analyst Peter Mansoor. “Al-Raqqah alone has a population of over two hundred-thousand people, the vast majority of whom are not affiliated in any way with the Islamic State,” Mansoor said. “A strike of this magnitude would not only result in the loss of millions of innocent lives and infrastructure, but it would set diplomacy and stability in the region back at least a hundred years.”

Civilian casualties are an unfortunate “reality of war” according to Trump, who justified the use of nuclear weapons saying they “send a clear message to those who conspire against America and her allies.” Mr. Trump said that unlike past and present administrations, he possesses the “moral fortitude to do what must be done” to protect America. “We’re losing to China. We’re losing to Mexico. We will not lose to ISIS,” Trump said.

The Japanese and other nations called for increased restrictions on nuclear weapons Sunday as the world observed the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the United States. The bombings, which forced Japan to surrender from the war, left over 200,000 dead.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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      1. Obama plans on nuking them too. I’ll tell you how at the end. No one realizes it yet. Obama’s plan is to give them one. I don’t care how good they make it sound on paper. This is a country known for taking hostages. With a nuke, they won’t even have to look for hostages. They can hold an entire country hostage. Iran and Russia are Allies. If we dropped a nuke on them, Russia would stomp the US into the ground. But if Iran fired on an enemy first, we could rightfully claim it was a counter-strike. No one would question us.

        1. In March of this year, Obama had initiated the launch sequence against Russia. It was not completed due to a lady colonel with different codes than requested. We nearly saw the apocalypse in March.

          1. Complete and utter lie…… Don’t speak about shit you obviously know nothing about it only serves to make your ignorance far mor glaring.

    1. Then you’d better pray you’re at ground zero when that happens, because you don’t EVEN want to be around for what happens after that.

      1. Spoken like a true, completely unthinking, idiot. Crawl back into your hole, you moron. Do some reading, because you haven’t one iota of an idea what you are calling for. PLEASE…move elsewhere, we don’t need your kind here, we have enough stupid people to go around.

    2. That has to be the most foolish thing a presidential candiate can say,that he is willing to risk nuclear war and make everyone on the planet vulnerable. That is a completely irresponsible,childish thing for a candidate to say.

      1. Gum should be your first name, dumb should be your second name. This is all crazy. You are all crazy. You should all join the BTK killer in prison and party for life.

        1. This statement although it would sound like something Trump would say is a ruise and a completely false statement. I’ve researched this and even set thru the meet the press segment again and he never said this. I unfortunately put this on my FB timeline and was humiliated by friends for not making sure first that it was true. I will never make this mistake again.

          1. i didn’t believe he had said it,,, although it wouldn’t have surprised me a few weeks ago,,, i think he has learned a little bit,,,, not much,,, bvt a little


    4. Has to be the stupidest comment I think I’ve ever read. BTW, Obama NEVER considered using nukes, are you f-ing crazy? How can someone be so retarded?

  1. yeah,
    Well, boom goes London,
    And boom Paris.
    More room for you
    And more room for me.
    And every city the whole world round
    Will just be another American town.
    Oh, how peaceful it’ll be;
    We’ll set everybody free;
    You’ll have Japanese kimonos, baby,
    There’ll be Italian shoes for me.
    They all hate us anyhow,
    So let’s drop the big one now.
    Let’s drop the big one now.

  2. It’s like he’s begging for WWIII. This is monstrous! Has anyone else read Hiroshima? Civilian casualties may be a fact of war but this is killing MILLIONS of civilians to get a few hundred or thousand ISIS. Has anyone considered the nuclear fall out of several Trident mistles? That shit makes its way around the world. Trump is NO diplomat. He never learned tact or diplomacy. He has no wisdom. I’m appalled!

    1. Do you know why we hit Hiroshima or even realize the death and destruction the people of Japan inflected on everyone. Better read a little more. If not for the bomb we would be speaking Japanese today you idiot.They had choices but did not want to quit even after the first bomb, there were two just in case you did not read further, jet your facts before making judgments.

      1. Actually Henry you are the uninformed idiot. Every historian and general involved says the Nukes were totally unnecessary. Perhaps YOU should do some reading on the topic. It’s one of the biggest perpetuated myths that we needed this to win the war. Truman used it for one reason only. To send a clear message to the Russians that we would not hesitate to use it on them.

  3. It’s like he’s begging for WWIII! Has anyone else read Hiroshima? Civilian casualties may be a fact of war, but we’re talking about MILLIONS of civilian casualties to kill a few thousand ISIS. Has he considered the nuclear fall out of several Trident mistles? Each of which is 7 times stronger than the bomb the we dropped on Nagisaki! That shit makes its way around the world. This spells death and nothing else.

      1. How stupid are you people? This site is a Spoof site. According to this site, Obama has taken away the statehood of Texas. has signed on to do a Food Network Cooking show for 2 years, there is a Benghazi Theme Park being built in Arizona, Pastor Joel Osteen levitated in front of his entire church and ISIS has a weather machine to cause Tornadoes in the Midwest. Who are the nutcases?

    1. No no, this is a lie. I think the guy’s a buffoon, but the author of this website excels at writing absurd lies that *could* be true, but aren’t.

  4. Correction: The nuclear bombs we dropped on Japan did not force them to surrender. They were already begging to surrender but Truman listed to his advisers who wanted us to have live tests of the bombs and show the rest of the world what we were capable of.

    BTW, I can find no verification that this article is correct and it is hard to believe that even a blowhard nutcase like Trump would advocate using nukes.

    1. Current revisionist theory is that what brought about the surrender of Japan was the Soviet’s decision to enter the Pacific theater which the Japanese were totally fearful of. If that was the case, it was neither the bombs or Truman’s zeal which led to the end of the war.

      1. The U.S. had two different atom bombs. They wanted to test them on relatively virgin urban targets. As well, the atom bombs AND the firebombing of Dresden was meant as a warning to the Soviets that the U.S. would not allow them to take over ALL of Europe (just the east, as agreed at Yalta) nor Japan.

    2. Correction: They were ask first time several times to surrender, then bombed then again the Emperor at the advice of his Generals as in the first case refused to surrender and again a bomb was dropped. The Emperor was nothing more than a puppet and the generals were responsible for Japans actions.

  5. Please, do not vote for Trump, he is going to be Hitler 2. We have to vote for someone who cares about what happens to America and the country. Try Bernie Sanders on for size.

    1. Someone, anyone. We sure voted in the ultimate inhumane president for 2 terms now….I am not sure the nuclear weapon strategy is the answer, but at least he is working on defending America more than the moran we have in office now!!!! He at least has a set of balls!

      1. I agree, time for America to take the lead and do something, not kiss butt and try to buy them off—-it isn’t going to work. Let the people in theses countries fight for their rights and assist, do not just walk in kill the so called bad guy then walk off. They have plenty to replace them. Stabilization after defeat is the only answer but the people of these countries have to do it not us and we have to make this clear. Win a war for a change not run from it. Let our military do their job .

  6. I find it hilarious that on all the stories about Obama, the Liberals are quick to say that this is a spoof website and not real news, then they write a horrible article about Trump and suddenly everyone believes it!

    1. People like to live in a dream world and watch TV yet most have never been out of their own towns much less States. They are hand feed by the bias media and controlled by their “PARTY”. Time to wake up and use the brain, and that is what Trump is doing—wakeing upthe peopleand listining to what we really talk about when we are together not what is “POLITICALLY CORRECT” real down to earth problems we talk about every day at work and home. Time some one had balls to say what “WE” want said and not worry about it.

  7. This confirms my theory that Trump is running for President on a platform of the most idiotic things he can think of in order to get the American people to wake up and back off. Only it’s backfired. Now he has to keep being more and more outrageous so that we’ll finally get it, but all that does is get the whole of American non-thinkers all fired up to support him. And there are apparently far more of those than I ever dreamed. After all, look how many people believe this article and are cheering the position.

  8. I’m not the biggest supporter of Trump, but I hate deceptive reporting. Him saying he will use trident missiles is not a nuclear threat. They are designed for it, but currently are retrofitted for hypersonic ballistic impact without explosives and carbon rod fragmentation warheads. Furthermore, most of this report seems to come directly from the Wikipedia page on these missiles. I got my info from the same place meaning they intentionally left this data out. Again, not a trump supporter, but down with liberal media and biased agenda. Have a great day

  9. Why is no one pointing out that Trump did not say this? This article is a fabricated, flat out lie. Here is the entire interview, annotated, since none of you seem to have watched it, or read the actual interview. The lack of an informed public, or even a skeptical public is what is killing America. You, all of you, are responsible. You get your fucking news from Facebook Memes, JFC!…/donald-trump-on-meet…/#

  10. There were no ISIS OR HAMAS or ANY of the religious military group operating in Iraq Saddam wouldn’t allow it he considered them a threat to his power,,THAT was before GEORGE W BUSH invaeded and killed Saddam….ISIS was at one time called the muhajadin,,,,and this is what happened to them…….
    Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan ‘In 1982, Ronald Reagan dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban] in Afghanistan.’
    In 1983 Reagan along with Col Oliver North ,,,ARMED,, FINANCED and TRAINED WHAT IS NOW KNOWN AS THE TALIBAN. YES this does include OSAMA BIN LADEN

    1983, when Reagan and the CIA were dancing around the idea of arming Mujahadin fighters in order to fight back against Soviet incursion in Afghanistan. The result was a well-armed, well-trained group of jihadis who resisted (some say defeated) the onslaught of superior Soviet weaponry.
    Once the Soviets retreated, the U.S. lost interest and pulled the funding. Osama bin Laden took interest, and filled the vacuum, later fathering the Taliban

    MISS ME YET ?,,Saddam Housein
    As much as I am glad that Sadam is dead ,,,,THE WORLD NEEDED HIM,,,,,WHY? He kept his people in check (yes brutaly) and MORE IMPORTANT,, the kept the counties around him in check,, with threats of violence if any of them ever got out of line,,,,BUSH said why we went into Iraq AND he said it publicly,,,, SADAM TRIED TO KILL MY DAD….. George W Bush used the entire United states military force and eight long years of war to find Osama Bin Laden,,,,,two years later Obama sends just two helicopters and about a dozen men and the worlds most wanted terrorist is found AND KILLED

  11. Nuclear threats are so 1980’s but then again, so is Trump. He must be flashing back to a time before all of the bankruptcies and ridiculous reality shows. Maybe he will choose David Hasselhoff for his running mate.

  12. What these anti-Trump morons aren’t smart enough to realize is that Trump is echoing Ronald Reagan who always believed that a president can’t take nuclear threats off the table because our enemies view that as weakness. Iran has no compunction about saying “death to the United States and Israel.” So, why should we be signing a deal with them? If it was our government’s stated policy to “wipe Iran off the map,” does anyone think they’d sign a deal with us? Obama, Kerry, and their acolytes live in a theoretical universe. Iran, however, is very pragmatic; they want those nukes so they can exterminate their enemies. The idiots currently running this country are handing them the detonators.

    1. Bullshit. If you are in favor of nuclear war with Iran, then you are the idiot. How many neocons will be sending their kids to die in yet another right-wing militaristic wetdream? None, of course. Anyone who believes what Trump the Jackass says is seriously delusional. And Ronnie? Even that infantile mouthpiece wasn’t in favor of nuclear war.

  13. WOW! Lies seems to be food for the masses that believe such garbage. Trump did not mention “Nuclear Weapons” in his response. Furthermore, ISIS has no nuclear capabilities as of yet and all of the world powers are against ISIS, however the dooms day folks are predicating nuclear bombs raining on US Cities, I wonder who will be doing so in defense of ISIS?.

  14. Seriously does this guy even think before he opens his fat trap. It’s like he’s trying to be a parody of a Neo-Con, which is already a parody in and of themselves.

  15. Trump doesn’t understand that Isis is a distraction and nothing more . Assad in Syria actually protects Christians .The only reason bankers want war with Syria is because Syria is not controlled by a world central bank !!! For Trump to take the bait and focus on ISIS , the front organization ,only proves that Trump doesn’t understand world economics or he does and is part of the zionist conspiracy to dominate and control and impose and expand an already all consuming world financial Slavery system . If Trump wants to wage any war at all, wage it on the Central Banking cartel that absolutely loves the chess game and all the pieces created to distract from the ultimate move . WAR, the printing press and guillotine of the murderous Zionist banking Cabal .Its in the best interest of the people to rid the world of central monopolistic banks and return all currencies to individual country controls based on value rather than debt .

  16. I think Trump is much smarter than most on this board seem to think. It’s too outrageous of a statement to be made by someone who has just “conferred with a number of high level military officials.” I doubt any high level military official would say, “Sure, nuke ISIS.” However, there is an advantage to be gained by threatening use of nuclear weapons, and if we first launch a few strategically place conventional bombs on these missiles, they’ll know we’re serious. Unfortunately, nobody takes the U.S. seriously anymore because of false threats and posturing, but no action. Examples include threats to Assad in Syria should he use chemical weapons. Unfortunately he did, but the there was no follow through from the administration (“Line in the Sand” was crossed with no response from the U.S.); The Iran nuclear treaty, which implied progress, although the very next week the Ayatollah was preaching “Death to America;” and finally the large reduction in our military in the last 6 years as the world has gotten more and more dangerous to any casual observer.

  17. You all need to calm down. Can’t you tell the difference between a “Satire” site and the “Real” thing.. I suggest you use your brain, I’m assuming you have one. Geesh can’t believe so many of you fell for this..

  18. Yea, I fell for it, even though it sounded like an incredibly stupid thing for “anyone” to say, and of course nobody said it. I went back to the Meet the Press interview from August, and Trump never said anything about nukes in this interview. Hoever, he wasn’t shy about saying he’d take the oil back from ISIS, as that’s where they’re getting their money. No oil and they’d largely be defeated. He also suggested he’d “hit ISIS hard,” and of course that’s what we should do, and frankly what we are doing in a small way. Trump stopped well short of giving specific details of his plan for ISIS, which is the intelligent thing to do; why signal your next move in a conflict such as this. Sadly, many of our current leaders don’t understand this.

    By the way, I wouldn’t call this story satire. It’s jsut spreading lies about someone you don’t care for…..pretty juvenile at best and dangerous at worst.

  19. Please cross reference this statement for me, I look at Meet The Press again to see where Trump said this, I cannot find it. Please help me out here as I posted this article on my FB page and I’m getting a lot of flack about it.

  20. If Trump wants to really use Trident missiles, use them on Mecca and Medina. The sin of this Earth will be cleansed.

  21. God bless you Trump!!! Hit them hard hit them good.. wipe this barbarians out of the face of the earth for good. Cheers from Italy!

  22. I also believe that President Harry Truman’s decision to use the atomic bombs against Japan almost certainly saved lives. This is undoubtedly true if one accepts the arguments of U.S. leaders at the time; namely, that not using the atomic bomb would have forced the U.S. to launch a full invasion of Japan’s home islands, and this would have killed far more people than Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    It’s impossible to know how many people would have perished if allied forces invaded Japan. However, given the stiff resistance U.S. and allied forces faced during the island-hopping campaign of the Pacific War, it would have been many, many times greater than the 200,000+ people that died from the atomic bombings.

    In fact, the casualties from the U.S. strategic conventional bombing campaign greatly eclipsed the number of individuals who died from the atomic bombings. The March 1945 firebombing of Tokyo alone killed some 120,000 Japanese. A ground invasion would have resulted in nearly immeasurable more casualties. As one scholar who studied the U.S. invasion plan, Operation Downfall, notes: “depending on the degree to which Japanese civilians resisted the invasion, estimates ran into the millions for Allied casualties and tens of millions for Japanese casualties.”

  23. We can continue to hold civilian casualties of existential enemies as more important than the lives of our own kids, or we can recognize that this is a war, and that collateral damage is less important than the goal of defeating these barbarians. The fact of the matter is this: We killed 2M Vietnamese and 58K Americans by refusing to use our most productive weapons – something no other nation in history has ever done. Had we nuked Hanoi in 1963, we would have killed – literally – millions fewer people. And zero Americans.

    We utterly defeated Japan and Germany. Although we didn’t intentionally target civilians, if they were in a legitimate target area, we understood their deaths were a lower priority than victory. Both countries have been military, economic and political allies ever since, and their people freer, wealthier and better-educated than ever before in their history.

    So – you can continue to worry about civilian casualties in nations that raise their kids to be terrorists, strap bombs on their kids, and knife civilians in the street… or you can grow up, recognize this is a war, and that wars are won by destroying enemy POLITIIES, not just their armies, which are only policy tools.

    .. and that nuclear weapons saved millions of lives in Japan (9M, per the Navy, 5M per the Army), could have saved 2M lives in Vietnam, and that they are the only legitimate way for a modern nation to fight illiterate savage barbarians intent on eradicating us – and all our liberty and freedom.

  24. I don’t always agree with Trump (I rarely do) but i think he may have something when he suggests the use of thermonuclear bombs against ISIS. Over 140,000 people died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki but somehow it was justified then. This may be the way to end this growing threat before it gets worse. Innocent prole will be killed but how many will be killed by ISIS before they are finished. And how many people have been killed up to now?

  25. He is of course correct when someone pushes the game to the limit you only have two choices, fold or kick the poker table over.

  26. Sounds like a very good reason not to let Mr Trump into a position of power. Who is more dangerous here? Has he considered the catastrophic implications such an action will have? Or does he care?

  27. The Japanese are NOT anti-American !!!! We dropped two nuclear bombs on them and they love everything that is American !!!

  28. I have long advocated the use of nuclear weapons against the Islamic State. The best weapons would be low yield antipersonnel nuke known as the neutron bomb would produce the least collateral damage while providing the lasting image of thousands of ISIS jihadis vomiting out their teeth and begging for Allah to take them.

  29. Nuke would be the best thing around these areas ther is always a conflict people there are to stupid to behave normally! Sorry for my bad english im from Germany.

  30. Harry Truman didn’t hesitate and saved the lives of a million U.S. Soldiers. Donald Trump will not hesitate and he too will save the lives of a million American soldiers, and at the same time decapitate any wannabee capliphates in that regional hellhole for the rest of eternity. About time. We should have done this on 9/12/01.

  31. I fully agree with Mr Trump, what he has suggested to deal with ISIS is the only way to eliminate these barbarians.

  32. Well if he does that Isis will get revenge mark my words ok thanks trump you tell them that real news right now i’m sure you have the contact for trumper so just tell him if he uses a nuclear weapon on Isis then it wont be so good for him and maybe Isis might just use a nuclear weapon right back on his house and then he won’t be so happy about that right ok so just to recap real news right now please tell donald trump like call or email or text or imessage or doesnt matter just tell him somehow like you can even do it in person if you want but just tell him if he even thinks about “using a nuclear weapon” against Isis then Isis won’t be so happy and he’ll be in big trouble and he might need to get a timeout and that timeout may or may not include a nuclear weapon landing on his doorstep

  33. Never mind Isis can’t actually afford nuclear weapons because everybody that knows our bank account details just keep dying and its really annoying cause then we have to go rob the bank to actually get the money back and it doesnt even really work sometimes because sometimes they dont keep all of our money at the actual bank so sorry forget what i said before because apparently we wasted all our nuclear weapons. Just politely ask donald trump not to use a nuclear weapon against Isis. Say please and thank you and tell them that Mohammed sent you. Thanks and allah bless

  34. Trump is such an idiot I’m afraid this will happen, which is why people SHOULD NOT vote for trump! Where does everyone think that radiation will go? The winds can and will carry that fallout to greater countries, maybe even China, which Trump is always talking about being allies, but the truth is, he doesn’t care if any citizens are hurt from other countries, until they start nuking us. Supporting Trump is literally going to cause World War 3.

  35. Donald Trump has spoken only the truth in his campaign for the presidency. For over thirty years the United States of America has practiced patience in dealing with the moronic warlords of islam. The have imprisoned our people, tortured our people, killed our people and above all the rest they have unleashed hideous terrorism all over the globe. Western man does not study nor understand history. This cult of murders has practiced warfare against
    ALL other cultures and peoples since the first day Mohammad INVENTED this cleaver Ponzi scheme of stealing their neighbor’s goods, lands, people. THAT is all islam is about … 1. TAKING EVERYTHING WORTH TRANSPORTING AND 2. GIVING JUST A LITTLE BIT TO THE JHIADISTS WHO DO THE KILLING AND DYING.

    YES! It is time to eradicate this filthy cancer of human genes. The world will be once again free when they are all gone. Mr. Trump knows that. I know that. And now you do too.

  36. I feel like the republicans are still following the example set by George Bush. The display of aggression and readiness to take life shown by D. Trump is comparable only to the acts committed by terrorists. I do not think he is stable enough to lead USA. I am a student from Chicago, and given the recent interviews , Donald Trump is clearly averse to peace, and his aggressive tactics will only aggravate the situation. I have nothing to say about Islam, it’s not a religion I am familiar with. But what I do know is that behaving the way Trump is will only alienate and agitate innocent( until proven guilty) people. He is clearly frightened, and that is not something we want in a leader.

  37. Fucking absolutely, these dumb ass’s don’t realize that humanity moves forward, we don’t live in caves anymore. And I believe that the world will come together someday and everybody will enjoy the rewards of being as one WORLD.

  38. I’d drop a bomb on them rite now , but apparently our government does not have the BALLS to do it, TRUMP FOR PRES.

  39. no world leader will using nuclear weapons as they don’t work period, just a total sham otherwise they would have been used already. Satan’s minions are trying to deceive the populace otherwise, but the populace are waking up to see this deception.

  40. Mr Donald’opinion on the use of nuclear weapons on ISIS is to save America from fundamentalists. It is time for ISIS to ponder over the matter. Another thing, USA under Mr Donald Trump should not be so harsh to use atom bomb as lakhs of civilians would die.

  41. What an idiot. That would be like using an A-bomb on Anonymous, or all the hackers and trollers. In fact, I am absolutely certain that ISIL/ISIS/Deash are the inheritors of those tactics and techniques, but no one has actually made that direct connection. Oddly.

  42. He wants to start a nuclear war? That’s his big solution? The mind is boggled and the brains refuse to comprehend that someone could be so hopelessly uninformed that he could think this would solve all our problems.I’m just….there is no word for it!

  43. Trump is the choice of a hysterical segment of the population which is willing to ignore blatantly obvious warning signs that he is a dangerous man. Oblivious to the content of his public rants, and spurred on by frustration with the polarized stalemate of US politics; his supporters are content to jump out of the frying pan and into the fire. The cure is worse than the disease by far.

    Trump is a sociopath who longs to run his fingers over the nice smooth buttons that control the giant US military arsenal and from the sound of his rhetoric, he doesn’t seem averse to pushing them.

    We should all fervently hope and pray that the people’s choice will be Democratic.

  44. More lies from leftists who want to change the news and quotes to suit their agenda. Trump did indeed day he would consider Trident missile strikes as quoted; HOWEVER HE NEVER STATED ANYTHING ABOUT NUCLEAR LOADS. The D-5 Trident has had non Nuclear LOADS developed for well over a decade, primarily to be used in the Middle East against Iran, if necessary. Just Google it. Mr. Hobbus is a deceiver, a LIAR.

  45. Can somebody please get this Trump maniac of the course. We, and that means by that a lot of millions of people get scarred from this idiot. He is worst than I.S. No third world war for me.

  46. Donald J. Trump is an egotistical, narcisstic, bipolar, borderline psychopath! Who loves talking on circles. Just what is his definitive plan on how he is going to make America great again?

  47. Donald J. Trump is an egotistical, narcisstic, bipolar, borderline psychopath! Who loves talking on circles. Just what is his definitive plan on how he is going to make America great again? He’s a moron too!

  48. 100% behind Trump on this one. Re Japs championing restrictions on nuclear bombs. They should have been eradicated totally in the first place. Stone age mentality and table manners of pigs.

  49. NOOOO, Please Nominate Bernie Sanders, he shouldn’t become President. I’m scared to death.

    This is not funny anymore…

  50. I’m sure Israel, among so many other places, would be thrilled to receive the fallout from those.

  51. Trumpy the clown must be the most stupid person who ever lived. He hasn’t even gotten to the election and is promising WWIII to happen. And just think, half this country thinks he is a god. That says allot for the republicans dumbing down of America stance.

  52. Well we can put our head in the sand like we did with Adolf Hitler or we can use the atomic bomb give fair warning to all civilians to leave

  53. Please do not give this man nuclear weapons to play with. I absolutly believe that nukes are an unfortunate necessity in the world as it is now, but we cant just start dropping 100 kiloton bombs everywhere- the civilian deaths would be unforgivable and the war would just be extended indefinatly. ISIS could be tasken out by many other means-we cant start killing hundreds of thousands of civilians to kil a few thousand extremists. 1 of our modern nukes are many times more powerful than both those used on japan in WW2. We dont need WW3- and if a world war kicks off then we are giving these religious nut jobs exactly what they want. Just send in secial forces from allied nations and they will clean up ISIS without creating anarchy.

  54. I really dont like Donald Trump BUT…this is the first time he said something that makes sense…it seems that all the countries are too damn afraid of ISIS…if i was the president of the United states i too would drop not a bomb but but duzens of bombs all over the ISIS stronghold points…the Isis must DIE once and for all…and also im not joking, im serious…to protect our homefront i would do it without blinking

  55. DONALD TRUMP is an Hitler with nuclear options never let him near the nuclear button. Jan af Klintberg Chiapas Mexico

  56. just get on with it then,all gob and no action,it will not happen. all
    politicians are ,and will always be bull shiters

  57. This man is a huge megalomaniac of the worse order.
    I can only pray he does NOT get elected to anything with more power than a garbage collector.

  58. Let me get this right – a number of active military advisers told Trumpet that a nuclear weapon could be used in a surgical strike? A lot of bluster from a guy who doesn’t understand even a child’s elementary understanding of nuclear weapons. Many many people are saying, not me but many knowledgeable people have said Don Trumpet has been sending HUGE amounts of money, probably Billions of dollars to support ISIL/Daesh and this is why he won’t share any of his tax returns.

  59. If this is a joke it’s not funny I would not she’d a tear for thousands of terriosts lives lost but atomics would kill thousands of innocent men, women and children who unfortunately had the misfortune of living in a terrorist occupied city and a Trump presidency

  60. Would you prefer to send 100,000 American young men to fight Isis or one nuke in unmanned Drone??

  61. I agree with launching a nuclear strike on Syrian territory held by Isis and if Isis doesn’t surrender after that strike we should launch the second one on Fallujah. Keep our troops safe.

  62. I agree that we should launch a nuclear strike against Isis controlled territory in Syria and if those cockroaches don’t surrender after that we should launch the second one on Fallujah. Keep our troops safe.

  63. I agree that we should launch a nuclear strike against Isis controlled territory in Syria and if those cockroaches don’t surrender after that we should launch the second one against Fallujah. Keep our troops safe.

  64. I don’t think radioactive fallout will be a problem at all after nuking Isis in Syria and Fallujah just like it wasn’t a problem after dropping the big one on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

  65. Arab men only provoke this and bring this on themselves, by showing off their beards and not wearing the right clothing like rad suits.

  66. The fact that anyone would vote for this man proves to me how much the Republican party has let us down on educational spending. But that shouldn’t surprise anyone an ignorant work force is what the billionaires they work for want.

  67. Where and when did Trump say, “I will absolutely use a nuclear…”? Nothing in the article to show he said that. News articles aren’t the place for poetic license. Journalism sticks to the facts.

  68. Your report on President Trump using nuclear weapons on ISIS is a joke, as is the reporter who wrote it!
    Seriously you wonder why the news is distrusted this is it. Dishonest and pushing s liberal agenda, how to sleep at night spreading so many lies!

  69. I say kill them all innocent or not it’s time to wipe every one in that region off the face of the earth I will not stop till every last Muslim is dead

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