Autonomous Military Robot Malfunctions During Testing Killing 1,242

ROSCOE, Tx. – A small town was partially destroyed and more than twelve hundred people were killed Wednesday afternoon when a heavily armored autonomous military robot experienced a hardware malfunction during a live fire demonstration in Roscoe, Texas.

The robot, appropriately named the M-23 Eviscerator, was a prototype developed by Consolidated Robotics, a Haliburton-owned defense contractor and was scheduled to undergo a series of “endurance tests” at a training facility near Fort Worth where the defense company is located. “The Eviscerator is an autonomous ground-based mobile anti-infantry and aircraft weapons system,” Doug Feller, a spokesman for the company, told attendees prior to the demonstration. “Using an advanced targeting algorithm, The Eviserator is able to independently identify and track up to two hundred and fifty targets at a time and, as you’ll see in a few moments, eliminate them in just under forty seconds.”

Feller, a 37 year-old former Army Ranger, was among the first to be killed when he was struck by a 30 mm anti-tank round after the two-story tall robot’s targeting systems apparently malfunctioned, leaving it “unable to differentiate between hostile and friendly forces.” One survivor, who asked to remain anonymous, told Fox 4 News that, shortly after the demonstration began, the robot “began firing indiscriminately with terribly accurate precision.”

When Consolidated Robotics technicians were unable to regain control of the rogue military robot, a tactical response team from the Fort Worth Police Department was dispatched to the scene. “Our officers arrived on the grounds at approximately 12:45 P.M. and were immediately incapacitated,” Captain Jonathon Carlson told reporters during a press conference. “We lost eighty-one people.” In addition to three Fort Worth Police Department armored personnel carriers, two helicopters on loan from the Texas National Guard were shot down and destroyed by the robot.

Authorities say the autonomous M-23 Eviscerator departed the testing grounds just before 1 P.M., leaving a path of destruction and death in its wake as it crossed into the city of Roscoe, Texas. Fort Worth and Nolan County police tried unsuccessfully to evacuate the town’s 1,312 residents before the robot could cause further damage.

At 1:21 P.M., the U.S. Navy, having received authorization from the Pentagon to carry out an air strike against the robot, dispatched two F-22 Raptor Joint Strike Fighters from Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth. Thirteen minutes later, the M-23 Eviscerator was, itself, eviscerated, along with about six buildings on 2nd and Oak Street in downtown Roscoe when fighter jets dropped two 500 pound bunker-buster bombs on it.

In a statement released by Consolidated Robotics this evening, the company said it plans to sue the U.S. Navy for $53 billion to cover the loss of the prototype.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. HALLIBURTON!!!! Killing…poisioning…thats ALL THEY DO!!! OH…forgot…they also screw the American people out of millions!!! Cheney certainly is aptly named…DICK!

  2. There is no verification, because it is blatantly fabricated. That’s why this website does not cite references. They just make up bullshit stories as clickbait.

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