President Rouhani: Iran Already Has Nukes

TEHRAN, Ir. – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani announced today that his country’s military is currently in possession of a small number of nuclear weapons. Rouhani made the statement during a press conference in response to a reporter who asked whether or not the Iran nuclear deal “would bring increased risk to the region.” The president further stated that Iran has no plans to use the weapons against Israel “for at least five years.”

“Iran is committed to enriching the lives of its people through the use of nuclear power,” Rouhani said. When asked exactly how many nuclear weapons Iran is in control of, Rouhani said he believed there to be “more than five but less than ten” in the military’s possession. The president reaffirmed Iran’s devotion to the destruction of Israel but said “the needs of Iran must come before the needs of the region.”

“This negates every single argument raised thus far against the deal with Iran,” said U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry who, on Wednesday, sent a letter to U.S. lawmakers assuring them that America’s allies in the Persian Gulf would be taken care of, in the form of economic aid packages, following the deal.

Rouhani dispelled fears held by many in the United States that with the passing of the nuclear deal, Iran could have the means to create a nuclear weapon capable of reaching the U.S. within a few years. “We already have the bombs,” he said. “But what do we have to gain by attacking the Americans?” Rouhani said the only offensive military action the world can expect from Iran in the next five to seven years is a series of “surgical strikes on Israeli air defenses.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who strongly opposes the Iran nuclear deal, said he has already ordered the Israeli Defense Forces to relocate their air defense capabilities to the Gaza Strip and West Bank in anticipation of an Iranian attack.

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