U.S. to House 250,000 Syrian Refugees at Navajo, Standing Rock Indian Reservations

WINDOW ROCK, Az. – The U.S. Department of State announced today that it will grant upwards of two-hundred and fifty thousand Syrian refugees temporary amnesty in the United States. Over the next four months, State Department officials working in conjunction with FEMA will begin processing and transporting the refugees to sparsely populated parts of Arizona and North Dakota.

“Due to the increasingly dire humanitarian situation in the Middle East, the United States has agreed to facilitate the transfer of a number of Syrian refugees to the Navajo and Standing Rock reservations where they will be provided with food, shelter, and medical treatment,” Cathy Pieper, a spokesperson for the Department of State, said Friday.

Pieper said the tribal leadership of the Navajo and Standing Rock territories respectively, will hold sole responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the refugees. “Due in part to shared experiences, we believe Syrian refugees will find it relatively easy to assimilate themselves into the native culture,” Pieper said.

Ahmed Alsouki, who, along with his wife and two children, was one of the first Syrians to be granted temporary amnesty by the United States, told Vice News he feels very fortunate about the situation. “Before the war I was an entrepreneur,” Alsouki said. “I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.”

The Obama administration’s decision to accept the refugees comes amid concerns that ISIS could use the refugee crisis as a means to infiltrate the West. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dispelled such fears yesterday, saying the refugees will spend “very little time on American soil” prior to being placed on the reservations. “These tribal habitats are very remote,” said Earnest, who added that federal authorities are stepping up efforts to monitor all reservations within the United States for suspicious activity.

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    1. That’s just great… First, Natives had to deal with Zealots from the Christian faith…. Now they’re being TOLD to deal with Zealots from the Muslim faith. NO, NO, NO, NO…. These Muslims are gonna start trying to tell Natives how to eat, live, worship and such and knowing Natives it’s not going to work out… . This is not going to work. Muslims will start trying to tell Natives what to do in their own lands…..not going to happen. Why don’t the Feds put them in Ca or the NorthWest somewhere….Maybe NYC

      Send them to Cuba…

      1. If Bama wants them, let the vermin live with him! He won’t take care of our veterans, our old or needy but he’ll bring our enemies right to our doorsteps! Who says that he is NOT A TRAITOR? LOOK AGAIN! Semper Fi.

        1. The Navajo Nation is not a shit hole. It is a Nation of beauty. It is a Sovereign Nation and I am sad to see the Navajo agreed to this travesty.

          As for you, you obviously have never been there or lived among the people and the beauty of their lands of Dine’.

        2. so the marine is calling his commander in chief a traitor. would that just make you one by proxy. he is your boss.

      1. William Proctor who the heck are you for making a comment like that???? Just because your life is miserable don’t make our Reservation out to be something that isn’t true. Maybe you need to go back to bed and start your day over. Everyone assumes Reservations are “sh** holes”, as you put it but you know what it is HOME to the most of us and obviously a good one because we are still here. And why are you commenting on this anyways it is not even a true statement. God bless your soul for the unlikely human you are.

        1. Oh, it’s real alright – now stop and think about the recent trouble/problems that have been taking place the past few months on the reservation. Who do you think is ‘coaching’ them – urging them to go against the government. Think about it.

  1. “Pieper said the tribal leadership of the Navajo and Standing Rock territories respectively, will hold sole responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the refugees.” To the Navajo tribal leadership, please worry about the spillage from the mine that affects our people, our land, and our drinking water.
    Other thing is “The Obama administration’s decision to accept the refugees comes amid concerns that ISIS could use the refugee crisis as a means to infiltrate the West. White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dispelled such fears yesterday, saying the refugees will spend “very little time on American soil” prior to being placed on the reservations. “These tribal habitats are very remote,” said Earnest, who added that federal authorities are stepping up efforts to monitor all reservations within the United States for suspicious activity.” At Josh Earnest “Are we not considered on American soil?”

  2. heyy Obama . How about ur send ur fning illegal to fukk ur country “half breed” president fuukin disgraceful peice of shiit .. Home land sercurity This anit ur Home ..

  3. Wow, having been to Standing Rock many times, I am a bit hard pressed to see how this migration will be handled by our government. They will arrive shortly before Winter…and Winter can be brutal.

  4. oh hell no!! Sorry but we have enough to worry about funding, feeding and sheltering our own people let alone refugees. I am a humanitarian, but we the Navajo nation cannot support more people that require already scarce resources. especially considering the latest mine disaster that contaminated our rivers!! stuck between a rock and a Hard place because my heart goes out to them refugees. i really dont see the logic in all of this. I AM NAVAJO AND TOTALLY AGAINST THIS!!!!!

    1. How can the US Government require the Navajo Nation to house these refugees, it is an Independant and soverign NATION.

      1. dependent sovereign nation.as written in the federal codes of regulations, “Indian Law”. The Federal Government still has a say so as to how the land will be used, it doesn’t need our consent. As I understand it. Things have changed a lot, i maybe be wrong… But what ever will happen here is not good.

  5. What something happends here on Standing Rock? what about our safty what about pertection? i have no Trust in these terrisums they hate us and we hate Them

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  6. Send me all your poor, your sick and unwanted,again we shall show the world what it is to be a true American, but more a human being.
    I own nothing, but will help another human being, a least I will be feeding and caring for a people who live us as a people!

  7. This is called satire people, not true. Sarcastic, read this line, ““Due in part to shared experiences, we believe Syrian refugees will find it relatively easy to assimilate themselves into the native culture,” Pieper said.” What shared experiences. Poverty, etc. . . .This crap isn’t always funny, especially when everyone believes it.

  8. They are sending 250,000 people to areas that are already poverty stricken and ignored by the U.S. Gov. And are expecting tribal government to take on that responsibility? Why are they , the U.S. Government not taking on this responsibility in areas that can support this huge population. Native people have been through enough, placing 250,0000 people on the reservations makes me feel like it will be harder . The U.S. Already ignores treaties, pollutes water, gives away sacred land, and now wants to house Syrians who are vulnerable as well. Sounds like it’s the governments plan to segregate and put the bourdon on native people who have already been exploited. Hence, it states that the habitat is very remote, so how in the hell do they expect people to find jobs.

  9. Eastern Indian is from India an Native Americans Are From America or in this case Western Indian … You white people think Indian means both you asses ignorance is bliss…

  10. NEW DELHI is NOT SAME AS American Indians and this is TOTALLY a scam and lie of some sort, since when are American Indians opening their reservations up to outsiders, especially foreigners? People with American Indian ancestry can not even gain access to reservations and yet they are agreeing to this and to be responsible for the Syrian’s protection? Sounds like a repeat of events prior to the devastating Trail of Tears and American Indians are being conned or strongarmed into this by the government and as for the Syrians, ISIS will easily infilitrate this, anyone could and why would President or CIA publicize this delicate and dangerous information?

  11. This is a hoax. The Federal government was was going to accept 10,000 refugees. There’s a campaign to have the U.S. accept 60,000 refugees. The Navajo and Stading Rock Reservations are also soverign territories. Whoever wrote this “news” article is stirring up people’s anxiety while promoting a load of B.S.

  12. First of all, why are the “Leaders” of the Navajo Nation even agreeing with this in the first place! What the hell! Take care of our people first and foremost, the elderly, people who don’t have running water, no electricity, our people who need better homes. Show your people what they elected you for, the (empty) promises you made. If you let this happen then you certainly don’t care about the Navajo Nation and the people. For the United States to spend the money to bring these people to our country, what about the people in our country who desperately need the help with shelter, food and housing, the homeless? That’s where the money should be allocated. To both The Navajo Nation Government and United States Government, take care of our people first and foremost. This is why I dislike POLITICIANS! BTW, I’M NAVAJO, I AM AGAINST THE DECISION!

  13. What the hell are they doing, that’s all they keep doing for one, taking Our, Native land, selling of. The Reservation by Mcain few months ago, drilling right to another country, scared land, not the Government* ‘s to sell. Now put ” Terrist on our LAND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS ” PICTURE ” HERE???

    1. Are you really going to go there? This is a fake article. And you went all nasty xenophobe on a group of terrorized people.

  14. I’m a student at riverside in Oklahoma and I live on the reservation I wonder how many I’ll see in my home town this is all so weird I know when I was going to school in my home town there where teachers from there but 250,000.

  15. U have been to India….not native American homes…our lifestyle is total different from that…who ever is setting this up is surely unfamiliar with native American cultures n has never been to these places…these people r being set up for a rude awaking n have not ask native Americans if it was ok to do this…like always they do n never ask…typical government…

  16. This fucking bullshit if this is true. Im Navajo and I wouldnt want them fuckers on my land. That dumb ass president should house them by the white house or NY. Better yet leave them over there. This is our land the Navajoland. Fuck em.

    1. This site is a fake news site, they are creating poorly-written satire. It’s not real. By the way, that is incredibly xenophobic, your comment.

  17. Last week when I was listening to the radio I heard them say they were going to bring 10,000 syrian refuges but they didnt say where they were going to put them. Now I know where there trying to put them and now I read 250,000! Thats bullshit. We need a new pres! A.S.A.P.

  18. FUCK THAT SHIT!!! We’ve got enough problems of our own on the rez to than to be babysitting a bunch of fuckin aHoles! Im sorry to say, but its true. If the U.S. gov’t wants to show hospitality to syrian refugees send them to a fucking all white suburbs or a luxury apartment complex that is always being put up in white neighborhoods.

  19. I am a full blooded navajo who loves the navajoland and whether this is true or false we as Navajo people and The Navajo nation should not allow this at all. We should not let these refugees in our land until the U.S. gov’t and Navajo gov’t can take care of its people first b4 they start giving handouts to people from other countries! And for the U.S. gov’ to think they can assimilate to our cultural is such fuckin bullshit. Middle eastern people have always taken advantage and explioted our cultual time and time again. So I say Nay too this act as well should the rest of the people from the Navajo and Standing Rock reservations!

    1. This site is a fake news site, they are creating poorly-written satire. It’s not real. By the way, I’m not sure it’s true that “Middle eastern people have always taken advantage and explioted our cultual time and time again.” – I’ve never witnessed it myself, ever. They have no real use for ours, my experience…

  20. I am asking you to take this piece down or mark yourself clearly as a satirical source. I have a problem with the fact that you are NOT a clearly-identified “satire” producer – and so you get people upset and anxious who really DID read the article and don’t know you made it up. It is entirely possible a guy from somewhere else could think dot native same as feather native, so to speak… I’m not one for kid gloves and ubiquitous “trigger alerts”, but sometimes you need to think about why the hell you are actually doing this.

  21. Oh HELL NO!! I remember when they brought the Vietnamese over in the early 70’s, the government GAVE them LOTS of money ( they were buying brand new Trans Ams) Free housing (some bought homes) while we still struggled in a low class neighborhood on assistance while both my parents worked their asses off. Watch and see how much they hand over to these people!! Im sure they need help and I feel for their plight but the people on the reservations have a hard time making a life with what little they have. I bet you they build “SPECIAL” housing for these refugees. In the refugees statement he said “I traveled many times to New Delhi on bussiness, so im very familiar with the ‘Indian’ way of life”. This statement just shows his ignorance of Native Americans, and the difference between East Indian and Native American Indians. He’s in for a lesson in the difference. I’m a full blood Native American and the way I feel about this is, help the people on the reservations before you try and help others. They are living in poverty, dealing with alcoholism, high unemployment rates, high suicide rates, the list goes on. Not only those issues, diabetes and poor health care. Charity begins at home!

  22. Don’t these lands belong to the Indians by treaty?
    In a remote area they say? Does D.C. realize that there are automobiles in places other than D.C.?

  23. I just talked to the Standing Rock tribal council, this story is false, and in NO WAY would Standing Rock council stand for this.

    (701) 854-8500 if you want to verify

  24. The English language lacks words capable of articulating the gross ignorance of our government.

    Cathy Pieper, a spokesperson for the Department of State, said Friday of the Syrian refugees. “Due in part to shared experiences, we believe Syrian refugees will find it relatively easy to assimilate themselves into the native culture,”

    White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest dispelled fears terrorism among the Syrian refugees yesterday, saying the refugees will spend “very little time on American soil” prior to being placed on the reservations. “These tribal habitats are very remote.

  25. This is our fucking country, those fucking muslims go back to where you fucking came frim this is the united states of america, not the united states of muslim you fucking goat humpers,go back to your own country gets some balls fight your own fucking battles, dont bring them here. Take that fucking lame ass president barack fuckhead dumass obama with you.

  26. Look at Europe & all the problems their having with the refugees. Look at what happened in L>A> not that long ago where they took over the streets. I don’t think they will be happy with just staying on a reservation. Listen to the kinds of things they say about any one who does not belive the way they do-infedels- and what do they do to infidels? kill them. I’m afraid for our country. Obama has done so many treasons acts and now this. Maybe another civil war where Obma will declair marshel law so he can become our dicitator. Be very weary of who & what you believe!

  27. Who is going to watch out for the well being of the American’s that this could potentially ruin? You Cathy Pieper are one of many who are selling us out and using Natives who have already been thru hell at the hands of our gov and now you screw them again. IN the end we will all have to come and run them off after they ruin the land and rape our woman and mouth off at our expense. YOU have opened the gates to hell. Happy?

  28. I am a citizan, born and lived, and worked as a nurse my in tire life, and now retired/disabled. I can’t get to a detest in the past years because of Medicare doesn’t offer dental care to us citizans. If I were on wefare,never worked, or a illegal MUSLUM, I would get everything I need free. Now they are bringing in hundreds of thousands of Seryian refugees and putting them on land once was owned by American Indians, who are still being mistreated by this government to this day, and these Muslims are hear without our approval is a disgrace to every hard working American who is in the same situation as I am. No NO,NO! YOU TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE FIRST! if your not then get those people the heck out of here pronto! Only bad thing can come of this . Insane!

  29. Doesn’t Ahmed Alsouki know that these are altogether different kinds of ‘Indians” than in New Delhi?? but what better location to put ISIS infiltrators tha in some isolated spot where they can move around at will undetected! those indians are not going to be able to keep up with that many people! What are our leaders thinking?

  30. Why don’t I believe this. 250,000.OMG.theres no way they will assimilate to our culture or our American Indian cultures. The government knows well this will not be temporary. They are not naive but want the ruination of our culture, our people etc . look what is happening in England, France and Germany. This is deplorable. God help our country.our governing body certainly isn’t working for our country.

  31. This Country is in dire straits and BROKE where is the money coming from, and what right does the state department or any department say it’s okay bring them in to the UNITED STATES…We have enough illegals here now draining our economy…

  32. WHAT ? He is familiar with the Indian way of life because he’s been to New Delhi ??? Two different worlds… I hope this is just lousy reporting.

  33. It seems from the article that some Syrians may be confused and think they are to be sent where there are “India” Indians, not Native Americans. One man mentioned he felt fortunate as he has spent time in New Delhi and was familiar with Indian culture.
    They will be in for a shock.

  34. Let’s face it. Allah is a real Demon from Hell, MuhamMAD is a Camel-fucked Nutcase, Muslims are Shit-brained Zombies, Jihadists are Killer rabies-infected Mad Dogs from the ass of Satan, the Koran makes prime Toilet Paper and Diarrhea Law is an infernal concoction of Sadistic practices that slaughter Innocents!

  35. We the American People are not responsible for these people. If they are so unhappy with what is happening in their countries then they should be staying and fixing the problems there not bringing thier stonaged backwarm problems here. We can’t take care of our own but the progressives want to bring hundreds of thousands of more problems for our over taxed system. Only a brain dead fool would not be able to see what this will do to us as a country and our already suffering poor.

  36. 1) Cathy Pieper, spokesperson for the Department of State, believes that because of shared experience, the refugees will more easily assimilate into the native culture. Bwhaha! I wonder if the refugees and the natives feel the same way?
    2) The tribal leadership of the reservations will have sole responsibility for the refugees. Never mind if they want it, have the means to execute lawfulness and the ability to punish lawlessness, the where-with-all to provide for their safety and well being. This called “passing the buck”.
    3) The reservations will be inundated with 250,000 refugees. “Here’s some land just for you, we’ll call it a reservation, because its ‘reserved’ for you. Oh, by the way, do you mind taking care of 250,000 more people on YOUR reservation?” This is called “Indian giving”, pun intended.
    4) “Temporary” ROTFLMAO
    5)At least one guy is familiar with the Indian way of life. He’s been to New Delhi several times. Did anyone tell him they are not the same Indians? They probably don’t realize it themselves. And anyway, why spoil the surprise?
    6) No need for concern that there might be ISIS jihadists, they won’t be on American soil for very long. Yup, that alleviates my concern.
    7) These tribal areas are very remote, additional security against ISIS, because, as we all know, there is no transportation from there to anywhere.
    8) And if all that wasn’t enough, the whole program provides yet another excuse to step up monitoring for “suspicious” activity. A little more of government spying. Of course this begs the question, if there is no threat, per Josh Earnest, why the increase in monitoring for suspicious activity?

  37. So I wonder how the Navajos feel about having these Muslims invade their land. I can’t believe that the Indian ldrs. would be tolerating this.

  38. “Due to the increasingly dire humanitarian conditions….in America, we will ignore the needs of ourown Veteran’s and instead give that aid to Syrians who have contributed NOTHING to our nations good.
    Thanks a lot Obama.

  39. First of all there’s already poverty on the reservation so why add more problems. Plus the Navajo people fought hard for their land back and when they finally got it back it was less than half of what it was. It’s already over populated and there’s so many elders still waiting for a house to be built that was promised by the government a long time ago. “indian” and “Native American” are two totally different people. I don’t think they’ll adapt as easily as they say they will at all. And when they get there the Navajo nation will be responsible for the well being of them? The government is still jipping the Navajo out of money that is rightfully theirs which means most families are struggling to support their kids. This just didn’t make any sense.

  40. We’re being set up. I don’t know how the tribal councils agreed to this. Just wait until they see all the financial things the government will do for the so called refugees,and then let’s see how they feel.

  41. Since reservations are already about the most controlled way of life in this promised land.

    What possibly could you find suspicious other than that as a people we are growing in number every day to become more independent, professional and educated.

    I would like to know the upside for the Navajo Nation, howuch did the Federal Govt pay them to take in these poor refugees?

  42. All this President is interested in is numbers-people that he will bring
    in just to get their vote. He does’t vet these people-he does’nt care whether
    or not they have jobs or will walk the welfare line. He is the worst President
    this country has ever had and he wields his power to do whatever he sees fit
    whether or not this country will be worse off for what he does. He should
    have never been the President and hopefully the people will see this when
    we have the next Presidental election.

  43. I am totally against this
    We are already in dire need of running water and electricity for many of our people.
    It would not make sense to allow these refugees free shelter, water ,and utilities

  44. This story has like some others on this site been proven to be false. What’s your point in reporting false news? BTW, the president can not use an executive action to do away with term limits. do you guys know anything about the constitution . Hell that’s first year law.

  45. This is so bogus, so very inept, I pity the idiots that believe your tripe. It’s a good thing we have freedom of speech. You should be cited for your scare tactics. But Americans seem to enjoy the lie far more than the fact. Hope you fail, soon.

  46. I find it totally ridiculous that no correction was made in the article to the misinformed statement by Ahmed Alsouki, who obviously confused New Delhi Indians with American Indians. Not making note of this encourages ongoing ignorance of the world even by many Americans!
    This being said, I strongly oppose bringing ANY Muslim refugees to the United States; look what they are doing in Europe! The current administration will make no attempt to separate the militant radical young men from needy families!
    It is the expressed goal of Muslims to take over the world; let’s not encourage them to make progress in our country!

  47. This is not a good idea, The USA FED government is probably the cause of a lot of the problems in the middle east, so lets bring a bunch of angry people over here and tax an already taxed financial system to cause more aggravation. And why are there so many men? 70% more than women and children.

  48. Hoax. Hoax. Hoax. The U.S. cannot make decisions like this on Indian Land. Only the sovereign tribal governments of Navajo Nation or Standing Rock Sioux could make that call, …which they have NOT.

  49. I Dont Agree With This Arrangement. Why Would The US even consider aiding Syria when our own people in the US are deprived and are struggling to survive. This is a tactic for them to invade the US and why cant they house them in Washington DC?… Why our small Indian Reservation lands.. We are overpopulated as it is. Our ancestors sacrificed their lives for us to get this small portion of land. “Remote” is right. No one can even get GPS on the Rez. How will you catch them if they flee or go into hiding? This is not a well thought out plan. Your inviting enemies and allies. God Bless Us All.

  50. What are you idiots doing in Washington,we don’t need any more terrorist here you can’t even keep track of the one’s here.First you tried to kill us Natives off,then you decide to put us on reservations now you want to slowly take the reservations back!!I disagree with this move my Washington.They have totally different religion so that is not good.The government needs to open their eyes & realize that these reservations are all sacred grounds since the 1400’s !!ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!We as Natives will make a stand against the bullying of this corrupt government.Even U.S. citizens hate the government so much that they even joined isis to hurt their own kind !!We need a new government that understands us Natives not whites assuming what’s best for us when all these decisions are wrong in every way possible !!DINEH NATION 4 LIFE !!!

  51. I am not in favor of this. I am anglo but I have had the honor to work with the Navajo and Hopi concerning elections. It has NOT been a good track record for anglos to keep their word and is this lil opening door an encroachment on the sovereignty of Native Americans? It would not be fair to either the Navajo people or the Syrian people. Let’s see how this works out for both sides of the coin. Personally, I will be watching. Just sayin!

  52. Well, it is about time. I am SO thankful that the degenerate, deviant, reprobate Obamunist regime is *finally* sending us Arizonans some camel-shaggers as moving targets for us to practice on.

    I sure hope that the send a load of these goat-humpers to the county where I live, because we are *so* looking forward to sending each of them on their fun-filled free tour to the bottom of the many abandoned mine shafts in our county.

    I have been telling everyone that I know to stock up on Silver Bullet Gun Oil now, before our deviant, degenerate, reprobate CongressCritters decide to ban it. SBGO contains 13 percent liquefied pig fat, thus assuring that Camel-Shaggers won’t go to “Virginworld” if they happen to die after being struck by a bullet from any firearm so lubricated:

    http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net .

    We will do all that we can to make sure that all of those 250,000 goat-humpers know that SBGO is the firearms lube of choice for all Arizona Patriots.

    Buy More Λmmo, while you still can. Doing so is *still* the only viable treatment for ODDD (Obamunist Douchebag Distrust Disorder). Doing so is also the only remaining path to Liberty.

    Be the Resistance. This won’t end pretty Λmerica.

  53. Why is the government worried about the refugees and giving them amnesty to enter the United States. When the government cannot provide a safe haven or retirement and disability benefits for their own citizens. Alot of Homeless people in this country already Whom ever that agreed to this should be the Ones to give up their homes their benefits to these refugees. The Native Americans never invited the white people to enter this country. There are more unclaimed lands in Africa,Mid East along the Nile river,iceland, Sahara deserts. Why the government choose the reservations because we are gullible. We natives need to use our constitutions and our laws of the land. The law of the sea does not pertain to us natives we need to stop this envision.Our constitutional rights are being violated again.

  54. Why are these Savage’s being brought to our country, Obama should be housed on this same reservation with his entire family with no guns to defend them!!!!

  55. What did i just say ??You agreed to let these terrorist invade our reservations ?Wake up everyone especially the Dineh officials need to block this immediately.There will be a repeat of what happened in Paris !!I knew this was a bad idea from the get go !!I need all my brothers & sisters to immediately get a petition going to not allow one Syrian into our country !!Free pass for Syrian terrorist to get into our country !!Look at how many men(8) kill so many innocent lives,makes me outraged that all you crooked government officials allow this type of killings !!No more refugees !!

  56. We do not need this shit they must be sent back we have enough of a need to care for our own American homeless persons that our government refuse to do yet help other country’s it is wrong and to place on Indian lands is also wrong to do they have enough hard times to take care of there issues and it is not our American duty to care for and provide for these people of other country’s tell Obama to stop playing god

  57. You people are freaking STUPID!!! Don’t you know satire when you read it?!!! Look at the credentials of the writer and the trending stories! You’re so freaking gullible to believe everything on the internet! SHEEPLE!!!

  58. Huh? And they’re seeking refuge to India or the Navajo Nation? … “Before the war I was an entrepreneur,” Alsouki said. “I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.

  59. Since when are the reservations not in American soil, the people living in those areas are American, Native American! They have not been given what was promised already. With the infiltration issue how is that even close to just, fair, humanitarian, not to mention safe! When do we take care of home? Why is everyone else more important than the people of this country who are paying for it!

  60. First of all, I had to get over laughing about the comparison between Indian and Native American cultures. I’m not Native American myself, but I am pretty sure they are not the same thing. I do hope our government at least thought to ask the Navajo tribe if they had an issue with taking on refugees.

    Geographically speaking, Press Secretary Earnest should break out a better map. The Navajo Reservation is large, but hardly what I’d call remote. Just because it might look like a big, empty place on a his map, doesn’t mean it is. They are approximately a 3-4 hour drive north of Phoenix, AZ. It is also surrounded by various towns, and smaller cities in much closer range (Flagstaff, Page).

    Thirdly, I do get that these people need help. It’s good to see our government stepping up for something. What I’d like to know is, when is it going to step up for our own “refugees” (homeless American citizens)?

  61. OMG I hope this is a Joke I kept telling my Native family these Muslims are here to take away their heritage and reservations to practice Sharia Law under and they think Obama is their Friend he is no Friend he is a deceiver and gonna take from Native People what little they have left and give it to ISLAM.

  62. Time to make a stand folks. We did a number on the Amerindians and this is our chance to fight with them for once. Put down the beer, Get out from behind the computers, and jump in your cars….I’ll meet you there.

  63. “Due in part to shared experiences, we believe Syrian refugees will find it relatively easy to assimilate themselves into the native culture,”

    That’s a bs lie.

  64. Have scoured govt websites, and tribal sites looking to back up your ” U.S. to House 250,000 Syrian Refugees at Navajo, Standing Rock Indian Reservations
    ” story. Coming up with bupkiss.
    Would you be able to direct me to some sources?

  65. The Muslim faith, Islam, is based on a tyrany, political control and inequality. They are commanded by Mohammed who wrote their entire religions requirements to spread Islam to every person in the world. They are commanded to kill in horrific ways if people do not follow Sharia. There is a commandment to use lying as a way to defeat your enemies. Mohammed did so to spread his secret political agenda which was a major part of their religion. Mohammed murdered, raided and stole from traveling caravans where he killed men and raped and enslaved women and children, he was a pedophile who raped girls just over 10 years old, he was a horrific terrorist. The “prophet” Mohammed wrote in the Quran (sole author of Islam’s holy text) that if any passages contradict the other, then you are required to follow the latter verses. In the Quran the radical commandments are located near the end of the scriptures. The point is very clearly written with no other possible logical interpretation. Many followers won’t admit that they actually are in agreement with these barbaric practices. The people we call radical Muslim’s are actually following Allah’s rules more than the majority of Muslim’s who practice living in peace and love others from all walks of life. They are simply seeking God and that is in no way evil or wrong, but those who worship Allah are following and inadvertently support an evil religion/ way of life. Unlike those who seek peace from practicing Islam, those who we call terrorists are actually true to their faith and actually follow their religion the way they are commanded by Allah and the “prophet” Mohammed.

    Please understand that even though these individuals are most likely not harmful or “radicalized,” their presence in our country is dangerous for American society.

    Most countries estimate that there are more than 20% radicalized Muslim’s; those who follow Islam. 15-20% is between 180,000,000 – 300,000,000 people in the world who support killing until every inch of the world follows Sharia and worships Allah. I’ll say it again if you don’t understand more than TWO HUNDRED MILLION PEOPLE WANT YOU TO FOLLOW ALLAH, OR DIE! They say it all over the world, “We will not stop until every infidel is tortured and murdered and the western civilization is destroyed so peace can be on earth, Allah willing.” Even the non aggressive and non radicalized Muslim’s are being used as a tactic to strengthen a devide between Muslim’s and non Muslim’s. As we judge them more and intervene in their homes it makes it easier for them to build radicalized followers. Do not be blind to the truth and please stop trying to protect those who want us all dead. They don’t want westerners in their country because it hurts their religious/political agendas andmany prime are killed when wars or conflicted break out. We have enough dangerous people in America already. We do not want in our country and this is a great way to arm a guerrilla military force in or country right under our noses. They may not come with the refugees legally, but make no mistake, they will make it here illegally and hide amidst the masses of migrating Muslim’s. If you think discrimination is bad now, just wait until attacks becomes even more regular. Be prepared people

    With respect, I hope your petition fails, and I am sorry for these people but dying as a martyr in a prison cell for their faith gets them 77 virgins so they can continue discriminating woman of their own faith in “paradise.”

    Signed: A concerned American who does not support Islam or Anyone who chooses to support practice the worshipping of Allah. I believe the majority are for peace, if they are then they need to re-read their religious commandments and evaluate what they truly believe.

    I wish to have no further contact on the matter. You do not have permission to use my writings publicly or in any other way, as it is my own intellectual property. I DO NOT give permission to anyone to use my writings. Do not contact me with your opinions, if anyone chooses to attack or threaten my well being it will be considered harassment and necessary actions will be taken. This last paragraph is legally binding and any material from this shall not be used or shared for any reason without permission from the author.

    A concerned American citizen

  66. Yet another imposition on the Native Americans. These people have a tough time surviving without the imposition of the Syrians.

  67. If the treasonous congress would have No to the 91 billion finding its way into there back pockets we would not be fearing for our childrens future

  68. Does Alsouki understand that this is an American Navajo Indian Reservation and not related to the Indians of New Delhi? That seemed like an odd comment to add to this story. Are the authorities responsible for the reservation able to provide all that is necessary to support these non-English speaking immigrants? Do they have the medical support, housing, schools and transportation and trained staff to take on this project? If not, do the current folks living on the reservation realize that they may need a lot of non-Indian support to properly run this program? The reservation has housing for that staff too? Am I missing something here? Are the tribal people’s aware of the potential communicable diseases, language barrier, educational needs, religious demands (e.g., halal certified foods, access and transportation to mosque), assistance needed to assimilate, etc? They agreed to this on their lands for how long?

  69. You mean t tell me the native american are not to use there land because our asshole of a president wants to put refugees there.I got to say this is a joke an he has single handed destroyed this country an God help us, we need to stand up an fight this.

    1. After numerous attempts to verify this story, which even included inside sources at a local nbc affiliate, and even hearing Sean Hannity got tripped up by using this piece in an on-air report, not to mention asking the author to provide references for this story, we have all concluded the story is pure BS.
      R. Hobbus apparently likes to make up his own stuff.

  70. Familiar with Indian tribes as he traveled to new dheli… Man really?! wrong Indians..this is what we getting oh man and he was an entrepreneur? In what? … Government I think it’s enough.. Stop forcing you will down the people throats … I think they have enough…

  71. What will america come up with next? Those rezes are for the Federally Recognized Indian that America ripped off couple hundred years ago and as America is trying to do here in Hawaii-nei where that fact can never be duplicated. Syrian Refugees can come anywhere on the american continent as long as it is not on native tribal backs, maybe the FEMA camps set aside for martial law already in place, ‘tongue in cheek’ New York City, as well as awaiting Bill to be executive pen signed for worldwide martial law settings, AND coming to your hood real soon now.

  72. The White man is always blamed for the genocide of the Native Americans. Wait until the Moslems get there. They’ll rape every NA woman and child they can get their hands on.
    This is the time that the White man can make reparations to the NA. Saddle up, grab your guns and slaughter the Moslem filth.

  73. Snopes – Fact Check > Fake News

    Navajo Rations – No, President Obama isn’t sending 250,000 “Muslim refugees” to Navajo lands in Arizona and North Dakota. – Kim LaCapria, Nov 30, 2015

    Claim: “President Obama is planning to send 250,000 Muslim refugees to the Navajo reservations of Arizona and North Dakota.”

    Findings: FALSE

  74. This is the most asinine, political over reach policy since the land was first taken from the Indians. There is something very suspicious about this move. I honestly think obama thinks the citizens of the USA are complete idiots, but I don’t think he has had many dealings with the Native Americans. I can’t believe that they are going to let this happen with out a battle like he has never seen. Something is going on, big time, and isn’t the first or only thing being shoved down our throats right now. The statement that all reservations will be monitored very closely I wonder for what?? obama surely does not think that the Syrians are going to be hoofing it over to Nevada or Arizona,
    so it is not the Native Americans that he is trying to protect, it is just one more group of people that he is putting under surveillance, along with the ranchers and anyone with a gun. I hope that the Indians have not lost their ability to make and use the bow and arrows. If people from all walks of life can not see that this is wrong for the Navajo’s to have 250,000 people from another country forced upon their “isolated and sparsely populated home ground and be responsible for taking care of them, then this country is truly doomed.

  75. Are you freaking RETARDED???? Native American reservations ARE ON U.S. SOIL!!!! Why the hell don’t the U.S. KILL the terrorists that are driving them from their country and give them back THEIR HOMELAND?? Obama’s sole agenda is to destroy America from within by creating civil war like this country has never seen!!! Why the hell is that bastard not sure n prison???

  76. So again the government pushes native American people. This truly pisses me off. Is OBAMAS way of getting rid of the Navajo people?? Letting refugees kill them off? I can promise you won’t hear about it!!!!

  77. I’m sorry but as a REAL AMERICAN (native) from Arizona I don’t feel that the federal government and OBAMA have the right to use OUR land to house these people and hold OUR tribal council and leaders responsible for these people !! They are NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY !!!

  78. You know all that mess out West with the BLM and its over-reaching powers? Couple that with the massive land grab BHO is doing, because that’s what’s driving the BLM, and you’ll find the answer; the fraud in our WH is grabbing up the land owned by Americans to give that land to His People.
    Expect not just a surge in Muslim Refugees (who have not even the social skills of a rabid animal) but expect also an invasion of Muslims SO massive, SO uncontrolled that they will riddle our land like locusts of Biblical proportions. NOW you know why Lavoy Fincum died, why our government seems to have turned against us. NOW you now why they don’t want ‪#‎Trump‬, not the GOP nor any of the establishment.

  79. I’d like to know who made this decision, and if any of the tribal governments were consulted. To me this appears to be just another attempt to destroy native culture. When is the US government going to give up their attempts to wipe us out? They have tried everything from small pox to sterilization of native women. All native people need to come together as a united ethnic group and make a stand that we are DONE and will no longer be discriminated against. Dennis Banks and Russell Means made a stand, we can do the same.

  80. Does Ahmed realize that the Indians that he encountered in New Delhi are not the same kind of Indians as our American Indians?

  81. Ah’ho, Ahmed…. Amerin ain’t New Delhi. Hoka Hay!

    Are these folks, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian are Jewish? Or, maybe pagan as those that have helped this “process” along.

  82. 1/4 million more on welfare. He will destroy this country before he leaves office. How many will be males of prime fighting age to join the civilian army as well equipped and financed as the as the US Army. The native Americans have been treated bad enough without setting the stage to steal their land because it is so much like the area the refugees lived. Call, email, and phone congress to stop this.

  83. “I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.”

    Someone unclear on the subject.

  84. Did you read the comment about being familiar with the “Indian way of life”? New Delhi prepared and taught him about American Navajo? What a sick joke. This entire situation is out of control!

  85. What an insult to the Great Navajo Nation. In days gone by the braves would have hunted out the idiot (Obama) that would dare to suggest such an insane degrading idea and would have flown his scalp on a lodge pole for all to see. Obama has managed to ignite pure Hatred in Americans of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.

  86. HELLO;

    In the paragraph below, this guy says he is very familiar with the Indian way of life… different Indians, you moron! Who wrote this garbage?

    Ahmed Alsouki, who, along with his wife and two children, was one of the first Syrians to be granted temporary amnesty by the United States, told Vice News he feels very fortunate about the situation. “Before the war I was an entrepreneur,” Alsouki said. “I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.”

  87. This man made the comment that he had been to New Delhi and was familiar with the Indian way of life. I don’t think he understands the Navajo Indians are not the same Indians. And if they don’t like singing and dancing, this isn’t the place for them.
    I am totally against bringing more people in our country. And the Indian Reservations are already roughing it with bare policing, and food. So this should be a struggle for the Navajos.

  88. Ok, now that I look closer, I see the date on this article is Sept 2015!! This is so old and I haven’t heard anything about this actually happening here in AZ. I wish these article would be updated or pulled after a time. This by itself makes me mad. So out of date!!

  89. You have got to be kidding me? They don’t assimilate anywhere. What the hell makes you think they will there?

  90. Are they out of they fucking minds. There is noway to keep them there that is not a secured area with fences it’s thousands of square miles. The Navajo will never stand for that. The GOV has no right to do this

  91. This is the stupidest relocation anyone could ever devise. Agreed, the climate is almost the same but when the food and water run out…they will too. Just put them in a FEMA CAMP or two. Then let them start by naming their cities, producing their food as they are use to doing. Nothing will grow in the Navajo desert! Navajo’s have legal jurisdiction over their land; their land is not our land or laws…watch what happens next!

  92. I had to laugh at the remark by the guy who said he was familiar with the Indian way of life stemming from his travels to New Delhi. He is in for a surprise.

  93. Not only NO but HELL NO on this. The Gov’t has screwed the American Indian too much already. Plus, Alsouki said. “I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.” The idiot doesn’t know Native American Indians are a hell of a lot different than “New Delhi” Indians.

  94. And now another manority has proof that they don’t matter to democrats. I thought reservations were a sovereign nation within the US.

  95. I am appalled as never before after reading this article about the government sending Syrian refugees to Standing Rock Navajo Reservation in Arizona. I am Native American Indian by way of Alaska Native of the Unga Tribe. That land belongs to the Navajos and to bring in these people from Lord knows where, who are carrying disease, lice, and whatever else they have on their bodies. It is a good way to bring in terrorists who will be hiding among the Syrians. They bring filth, excrement, garbage and illness. They are a culture that does not care about how we live. They are here simply because of what is offered to them in the way of free food, clothing, welfare money, and homes to live in.

    It seems like a time when the government wants to do away with the Indian culture in America.

    By the way Ahmed Alsou, American Indians are in no way to be compared with New Delhi, India. The cultures are far different. American Indians are spiritual beings and do not deserve to be overrun with Syrian refugees.

  96. They must be kidding…remote doesn’t mean safe…safe for whom..
    No jobs. Nothing to do..
    Like another refugee camp in a boiling pot…they thought India produces native Indians…oh my goodness..
    Don’t want tribal recognition..
    Cause look what happens…they foist thousands of people off on you thinking that way they can’t cause trouble on American cities…but it is ok to send them there.

    Might as well send them to Kona, Hawaii, right, they are all natives so it won’t be a concern..
    Say No!

  97. Sounds too good to be true! When the first ” Syrian refugee” said that he had travelled to New Delhi ( India)and is very familiar with Indian ( First Nation people, USA) way of life, got his geography mixed up or the author of the article ( normally ignorant Americans) imagine that one up. Most probably the later.

  98. the Indians are about to get screwed again by the government……hopefully trump will send them all home as soon as he is in office. i am a taxpayer and i refuse to pay for these barbarians to be let it.

  99. This is complete bullshit and you should be ashamed of lying to your stupid, gullible constituents who will slobberingly believe it and star posting all sorts of hateful stuff about those poor refugees (like calling them “Leeches”). Fucking soulless bastards, all Conservatives.

  100. There are U.S.citizens who don’t have food,shelter,and medical treatment.And what happens when they want off the reservation.Do the tribes have the means to force them to stay.How long is “temporary,”

  101. Great comment by Ahmed Alsouki..
    “Before the war I was an entrepreneur. I traveled many times to New Delhi on business, so I am very familiar with the Indian way of life.”

  102. We need them here why? When we can’t even help ourselves and to much terrisom as it is they should fight for their own countries and liberate them we can’t even help our own vets let alone refugees

  103. Familiar with the Indian way of life due to his travels to New Dehli?? Government ever think to inform this guy it is the wrong Indian and different culture?

  104. Why in the hell can we not take care of our own people before allowing other people in your all bitch about the Mexicans being allowed in but now you are letting in people in the country that they think that they are above the law. Send them through Ellis Island to be treated just like our forefathers were treated. Why are they so special, is it because our GORNERMENT is such a bitch that they is trying to destroy our country, there is already trouble with them being here and not being held accountable of what they do. HOW MANY OF OUR COUNTRIES CITIZANS HAVE TO BE KILLED, RAPED, OR MUTILATED BEFOR THE HIGHER UP LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE THAT LIVE HERE AND PAY TAXES AND CAN NOT EVEN GET MEDICAL HELP, CAN HARDLY PAY THEIR BILLS BUT THAT TO PAY TAXES SO THAT THEY CAN BRING IN OTHER PEOPLE FROM OTHER COUNTRYS AND GIVE THEM FREE STUFF THAT WE THE TAX PAYING PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR. WILL WE HAVE HOMELESS PEOPLE NOT ONLY THAT WHAT ABOUT THE VETS THAT GAVE UP EVERYTHING TO SERVE THIS COUNTRY THAT CAN NOT GET ANY HELP .

  105. I think we need to help ..however a time frame should exist ..We have people in our own country that need help ..What plan can we have for them..Can American citzans move to the reservation and receive free coverage???How about the homeless. ? Ted

  106. What bullshit….why should the Native American population be forced to house the refugees…….Oh yeah,the US government has done such a great job helping out the people whose country they have stolen……the marginal lands given to the Tribes as ‘Home’ will make the refugees long to leave and go back to whence they came. Texas,Arizona and Utah seem like much better choices….

  107. This is totally sick..who the fuck wants these dirt bags…I just hope Trump wins and scumbag Hillery gets assassinated by enraged American Indian..

  108. Hey Ahmed Alsouki, you’re in for a big surprise if you think NATIVE AMERICANS are going to be like Indians you met in New Delhi! Don’t even bother trying to convert them to Islam.

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