President Obama, Secretary of Defense Carter Unveil New Afghan Strategy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Beginning November 1st, U.S. military forces in Afghanistan will no longer be required to wear uniforms or display insignia identifying them as soldiers. The new uniform policy is part of a “major Afghan policy overhaul” outlined by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter at the Pentagon today.

“We’re revolutionizing the way our servicemen and women combat extremism on the battlefield,” the president said, while adding that the strategy was conceived with the opinions of American voters in mind. “A large majority of Americans feel the best way to combat gun violence in this country is with more guns,” Obama said. “So we’ve decided to apply that same mindset to the war on terrorism.”

“In the words of Sun Tzu, ‘To know your enemy, you must become your enemy,” Defense Secretary Carter said. In early October, the Department of Defense quietly began shipping its existing fleet of Humvees and armored personnel carriers out of Afghanistan. “From this point forward, our soldiers’ primary form of transportation in Afghanistan will be the Toyota Hilux,” Carter said. He added the Pentagon has already purchased nearly 80,000 of the popular pickup trucks favored by the Taliban and Islamic State.

Defense Secretary Carter said the United States is preparing to halt air and artillery support in Afghanistan as it rolls out its new Single-Use Precision Strike program, or SUPS, a ground-based all-volunteer tactical unit comprised of soldiers bearing the rank of Private First Class (E-3) or lower. “These individuals are able to blend into the local population and inflict overwhelming psychological and physical damage to the enemy,” Carter said. In addition to the honor bestowed upon SUPS volunteers for their “selfless sacrifice,” their surviving kin are entitled to a $50,000 “bereavement bonus.”

President Obama said Justice Department lawyers and senior Pentagon officials have been working to alter the Rules of Engagement for U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan. “We’re taking a more ‘out-of-the-box’ approach to combat operations,” the president said, adding, “We’re going to see a lot more unconventional guerrilla-style operations” in the coming months.

Neither President Obama nor Defense Secretary Carter would elaborate on the specifics of the so-called “guerrilla” operations but Obama said the Taliban and other extremist groups in Afghanistan would “soon recieve a taste of their own medicine.”

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