‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Release Delayed 13 Months Due to CGI ‘Glitch’

SKYWALKER RANCH, Ca. – The highly anticipated premiere of the seventh installment of the popular saga Star Wars has been pushed back thirteen months due to a ‘irrecoverable glitch’ in several key CGI scenes, director JJ Abrams announced today.

Speaking to reporters outside Skywalker Ranch Wednesday, a tearful Abrams said, “The cast, crew, and I have worked tirelessly to perfect this film over the last several months and it pains me to say we can no longer meet the expected December 2015 premiere.”

When asked by Real News Right Now, Abrams followed up, “Extensive work needs to be done in order to get this film completed. We’ve begun filming several pick-up shots with the cast and crew in Skellig Michael; additional shots are in the works at Pinewood Studios.”

Abrams declined to elaborate on the nature of the glitch but Jeffery Atwater, a member of the film’s CGI effects team, said, “The issue appears in scenes where fractal landscaping and motion capture animation characters are most prominent. Re-imaging efforts are currently underway here at Lucasfilm.” Atwater went to say, “This is the most exhaustive process I’ve ever been a part of.”

Erin Sheehan, a spokesperson for Disney, expressed disappointment over the film’s delay but divulged some good news for Star Wars fans. “Disney will host an exclusive viewing of the film, sans the corrupted scenes, at the Tomorrowland theater on December 17th. Admission will be determined based on a lottery system of pre-purchased tickets bought through Fandango and other ticketing services.” Sheehan concluded, “Everyone involved has worked really hard on this film, therefore this version deserves to be shared with the series’ true fans.”

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