Mexican Federal Police Kill Four Illegals at Tijuana Border

TIJUANA, Mx. – Mexican federal police shot and killed four people who were attempting to enter the country illegally this weekend, the Tijuana-based newspaper Frontera reported Monday. The individuals, who were identified as Americans, had attempted to circumvent a Mexico-U.S. border checkpoint by scaling a fence approximately half a kilometer south of it.

“Officers attempted to communicate to the individuals that they were illegally entering Mexican soil, first in Spanish and then in English,” said Federal Police Commander General Jose Luis Montoya. “When the individuals did not comply, officers took appropriate action to prevent illegal entry.”

Mexico has long struggled with an illegal migration problem at its borders, particularly in the south where migrants from other Central and South American nations frequently enter Mexico as a way-point into the United States. However, in the last decade, Mexico has seen a rise in American foot traffic, both legally and illegally, along its border with the United States.

“It’s becoming a real problem for us,” said prominent Mexican attorney Miguel Valdez. “Americans come here and they exploit our resources and our people; they contribute to organized crime by purchasing illegal narcotics which, of course, worsens the security situation here in Mexico.”

The Mexican government is working to pass legislation that would ban American entry into the country except in cases of diplomatic travel. “Americans are rude, loud, obnoxious murders,” said one man who wished to remain anonymous because he has family living across the border in San Diego. “We’re constantly hearing reports of killings and violence over there; it’s normal for them, Americans perpetuate a culture of violence.” The man said he has begged his family to return to Mexico out of fear they, too, might fall victim to American violence.

“Here, of course, we have the Narcos to worry about, and so it’s expected they will kill people, and the government is dealing with that. But in America these people aren’t members of criminal gangs, they’re just regular people killing regular people. It’s very frightening.”

Unlike in Mexico where firearm ownership is illegal, Americans have access to a wide array of powerful weaponry, including weapons designed for military use. “Logically, it doesn’t make any sense,” Valdez said. Many Mexicans have expressed fear that Americans entering the country could carry out a large-scale attack in a public area.

“In America, if someone disagrees with someone else, or they have a difference of opinion on a policy, rather than engaging in dialogue they take up arms and kill innocent people,” Valdez said. “That’s not how a civilized nation operates. So, naturally, we don’t want these people coming into Mexico. They are a threat to our national security.”

Outside of declared war zones, America has more mass shootings than any other country on earth. Most recently, a fifty-seven year-old Caucasian man entered a women’s health clinic in Colorado and began shooting. A motive is currently unknown but the man shot and killed three people including a police officer and wounded five other officers and four civilians before surrendering to authorities.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

R. Hobbus J.D. is an internationally acclaimed independent investigative journalist specializing in international politics, health, business, science, conflict resolution, history, geography, mathematics, social issues, feminism, space travel, civil rights, human rights... more

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  1. I thought some of the wording sounded a little off. The comments of the avocado were a bit over the top. But, then again, the author has awarded himself a J.D. after his own name, so I guess it’s fitting. Is this publication like The Onion or something? I just saw someone citing this event {4 dead, killed entering Mex. from U.S.} so I had to check the source. He provided a link,so it was easy. I see an imbedded link, about the mass murders in the US, and I can’t wait to find out whee that leads.

    ps The Phillip Glass award gave it away, but how many folks do you think can/will catch that. Being from the chattering class, you may overestimate the gen. pop.My guess would be 10% on the high side, and 5%, on the low, with the smart money closer to the lower figure.

    yours, KOut

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