Nickelback to Open for ISIS on First Leg of 2016 ‘Coming to America’ Tour

HANNA, Ab. – The popular Canadian rock and roll super-group Nickelback has signed on as the opening act for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria during the first leg of their highly anticipated 2016 ‘Coming to America’ Tour, bassist Mike Kroeger told MTV News today.

“We’re super stoked about being allowed back into the States,” said Kroeger, who was placed on the No Fly List along with fellow band-mates last November after an apparent computer error at the Department of Homeland Security resulted in their names being inadvertently added to the terror watch list.

Using a number of anonymous Twitter accounts, the global extremist powerhouse known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria took to the World Wide Web to announce that it plans to kick off the start of its U.S. tour by “dropping an incendiary bomb on Washington, D.C.”

Dressed in his signature black robe and headscarf, bearded ISIS front man Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi appeared in an online video last Wednesday with a special message for the group’s fans. “The streets of America will run red with the blood of the infidels,” he proclaimed.

Meanwhile, MTV Canada reported Monday evening that Nickelback has officially begun the recording phase of their ninth studio album which the band is set to release just days ahead of the ‘Coming to America’ Tour. “I think our fans are really going to dig it,” vocalist Chad Kroeger said. “The sound on this new record was heavily influenced by our eight previous albums.”

Kroeger called the entire creative process from start to finish an “emotional rollercoaster” but said he’s confident the new album, titled ‘Global Sharia Law,’ will be the band’s best work to date. The band is rumored to have already received “over a dozen” requests for preorders through their official website.

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  1. They can’t possibly be speaking for the entire city of Detroit. I happen to be a singer/songwriter and I’ve lived in what’s left of Detroit. Nicklelback is a great band!! Someone loves them…or can’t Detroit see that?

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