Cruz: Make Birth Control a Requirement for Female Service Members

HOUSTON, Tx. – Republican presidential hopeful and junior U.S. senator Ted Cruz wants to make birth control a requirement for all active duty female service members. During a campaign event on Wednesday, Mr. Cruz told supporters that women who become pregnant while on active duty should be treated the same as deserters.

“The number one priority of every American solder -male or female, should be unconditional service to their country,” Mr. Cruz said. “But when you have women who are supposed to be in a combat role frolicking around base, acting promiscuous, it becomes clear the defense of this great nation isn’t their top priority.”

Senator Cruz said that if elected president in 2016, his first order of business will be the signing of an executive order authorizing the Department of Defense to perform monthly pregnancy tests on all active duty female service members. “Otherwise, we’ll have women going into labor on the battlefield and putting American lives at risk,” Senator Cruz warned.

The senator went on to say that as president he’d support mandatory minimum sentencing for any female soldier caught violating the pregnancy ban. “Ideally, sentencing terms will be based on either the length of their enlistment contract or the duration of the war, whichever is longer,” Cruz explained. As for the unborn child, Senator Cruz said that immediately following the birth, the child would be turned over for adoption and placed in the permanent care of “a loving Christian family.”

Under no circumstances, Mr. Cruz said, would abortion be an option. In fact, the senator vowed to place organizations like Planned Parenthood on the same list as ISIS, al Qaeda, and Hezbollah. Cruz has often referred to Planned Parenthood, which provides health and medical services to women, as an “ongoing criminal enterprise” that “commits atrocities far greater in scale than anything seen under the Third Reich.”

Mr. Cruz’s views may be unpopular among left-leaning voters but the Texas senator is not alone in his sentiments. GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump recently questioned whether the need for women in combat roles even exists. “What are they trying to prove?” An incredulous Trump asked Megyn Kelley during an appearance on Fox News. “Let’s be realistic, there’s always the need for support roles. Whether it’s administrative work or food preparation, you go with what you’re good at,” Trump said.

Ted Cruz received an endorsement from Shane Vander Hart, a prominent Iowan conservative blogger, on Monday, adding to a growing list of allies that include U.S. Rep. Steve King and social-conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats. Senator Cruz currently holds second place in the polls at 18%, while former reality TV star Donald Trump holds a firm grip on first with 39%.

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  1. Freeze and store the sperm of all the men serving. We could bank it until the service men are ready to become fathers.

    This way, no women needs to worry about becoming pregnant while serving their country and the demand for abortion goes down, as well. It is a win-win solution for everyone!!

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