NASA: Solar Energy Consumption Accelerating Effects of Global Warming

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A new study conducted by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has concluded that solar energy consumption is directly related to the rapid increase in global warming.

“The process by which solar energy is obtained not only directly contributes to global warming, it amplifies it significantly,” said Dr. Robert Roland, who testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology last week. Dr. Roland, who holds a PhD in biology, explained that solar energy is obtained using solar photovoltaic panels which absorb the sun’s radiant energy. “The problem,” Dr. Roland said, “is there’s no way to regulate how much energy we’re collecting.”

By NASA’s own estimate, the sun has to work four to five times harder than usual to produce enough energy to account for the existing solar panels. “This is why we’re seeing a significant rise in global temperatures,” Dr. Roland said. “Because of solar energy platforms, the sun is emitting four to five hundred times the energy required by our solar system. At the current rate, much of the earth will experience catastrophic temperatures as early as 2025.”

If that’s not enough, Dr. Roland’s team predicts the sun itself will likely burn out completely well before the turn of the century. “The sun is a star,” Dr. Roland explained. “And like all stars, it will eventually die out. However, thanks to our insatiable need for ‘alternative energy,’ we’re expediting the process appreciably.”

When asked by the committee’s vice chairman, Rep. Frank Lucas (R-Ok), as to possible alternatives to solar energy, Dr. Roland advocated for the continued use of coal and other fossil fuels. “We’ve been using them for this long; there’s no reason to stop now,” said Dr. Roland, adding that by comparison, fossil fuels have little to no effect on climate change.

According to Dr. Roland, very few people outside of the scientific community are aware of the inherent dangers associated with solar energy. However, a North Carolina community has already taken steps to ban solar production within its city limits, a move Dr. Roland hailed as “a good start” but still not enough to reverse the increasingly damaging effects solar power has unleashed on the planet.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  1. Huh. The only “Dr. Robert Roland” I was able to find is an infectious disease specialist.

    And I found no independent verification that this “Dr. Robert Roland” actually testified.

    I call BS.

    Or satire.

  2. Hmmmm, who believes this……”the sun has to work four to five times harder than usual to produce enough energy to account for the existing solar panels.” Who paid this Dr. Robert Roland?! Who paid this ‘journalist’? Must be sponsored by the coal or the fracking industries.

  3. It’s as simple as conservation of energy you cannot create or destroy energy you can collect it for use later sunlight would have normally been dispersed into our atmosphere and back into space during the night time we are collecting it and using it for energy it has to be contributing to global warming get your head out of your liberal ass

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