North Korea Puts a Man on the Moon

PYONGYANG, Dpr. – North Korea has put a man on the moon, the country’s National Aerospace Development Administration announced Friday morning. “At precisely 2:21 p.m. [North Korean time] cosmonauts under command of Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un disembarked from their lunar module onto the surface of the moon,” General Pak Yong-sik of the Korean People’s Army told the Korean Central News Agency.

The historic announcement comes just days after North Korea conducted what was thought to be a routine rocket launch at its Tonghae Satellite Launching Ground in Hwadae County. The rocket, according to the NADA, contained a lunar module and two cosmonauts, and was destined for earth’s natural satellite, the moon. Following a momentous and successful landing, cosmonaut Jo Kyong-su proclaimed, “That’s one small step for the Korean people, one giant leap for Kim Jong-un.”

General Pak said the cosmonauts, who are members of an elite unit within the KPA, underwent an intense three-year training program at the National Aerospace Development Administration’s headquarters in the North Hamgyong Province. “Each member of the lunar team was handpicked by our glorious leader Kim Jong-un,” General Pak said.

Several countries, including the United States and Russia, have carried out successful satellite launches over the years, however the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is the first country in history to put a human being on the surface of the moon. In 1969, in a move synonymous with its usual capitalist propaganda, the United States faked a lunar landing in order to undermine the Soviet Union during a period when both countries fought unsuccessfully to reach the moon.

Upon assuming office in 2011, Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un vowed to propel North Korea into a ‘new age of enlightenment’ by establishing the first ever lunar embassy on the surface of the moon by 2017. Details of the future North Korean embassy are currently classified but a source close to the Kim dynasty told Real News Right Now that the facility will be large enough to accommodate one hundred diplomats and staff and will even include a lunar political prison.

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