Pope Francis: The Devil Has Driven God Out of America

VATICAN CITY – During a papal mass at Saint Peter’s Basilica on Wednesday, Pope Francis warned Christians around the world against traveling to the United States, saying American Christians have fallen out of touch with God and are under the influence of the devil. “There is no shadow of a doubt the Devil has completely integrated himself into the American psyche,” Pope Francis said.

The Pope discussed his recent trip to the United States last September, saying that while in the presence of Christians, he detected “an overwhelming sense of evil” in their hearts. “They believe they’re doing the Lord’s work,” Pope Francis said. “But the Devil is a master of deceit. The actions and values of Christians in America are contradictory in nearly every aspect to the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

Using America’s insatiable obsession with violence as an example, Pope Francis said the U.S. is helping facilitate the devil’s goal of establishing hell on earth. “The events described in the Book of Revelations are closer than we would like to think,” warned the Pope, continuing, “The antichrist manifests himself in many forms, not necessarily as a single entity.”

Following the mass, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi issued a travel advisory asking anyone planning a trip to the United States to “exercise extreme caution” and avoid “prolonged contact with individuals and organizations that purportedly practice the Christian faith.” Father Lombardi warned that individuals of all faiths traveling to the United States run the risk of causing “irreversible damage to both their spiritual and moral compasses.”

Pope Francis is scheduled to embark on a journey to Mexico in February of next year where he is expected to pray at the basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe, one of the most sought after Catholic pilgrimage sites in the world. Additionally, the Pope will hold an open-air mass in Ciudad Juarez, located just miles from El Paso, Texas. Due to “heightened security concerns,” Pope Francis will not cross the border to make an appearance in the United States.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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  1. The devil cant move God a tenth of a hair in any direction and I think it’s plain to see who the real anti-Christs are and the pope is going to stand with them. pope + muhammad = 2 anti-Christs.

  2. The devil cant move God 1/10th of hair in any direction let alone out of a country, we always knew the pope would stand by the anti-Christ. one pope + one muhammad = 2 anti-Christs.Your right anti-Christs do come in many forms and the pope is one of those forms. The bible doesnt tell you to repent to a priest but to go through Jesus, pope not required.

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