Former Adviser Says Trump Drafting Post-Election ‘Kill List’

MANHATTAN, Ny. – A former political adviser for Donald Trump’s presidential campaign told The New York Daily News that the GOP front-runner has been maintaining a hand-written list of ‘undesirables’ since the launch of his campaign last year. The list, which is said to include former secretary of state Hillary Clinton and Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly, is kept in a “secure Samsonite that never leaves Trump’s line of sight,” according to the former adviser and seasoned political analyst.

The advisor, who asked to remain anonymous out of concern for his safety, said that following the election, Mr. Trump intends to use his presidential powers to “deal with” the names and organizations contained on the frequently updated legal pad. “He said -and I quote, ‘I will drop a f***ing bomb on Fox News and blame it on ISIS,” the source revealed, adding that during a brainstorming session, Mr. Trump bounced around the idea of ‘pulling someone from Gitmo and planting their body in the rubble’ of Fox News headquarters.

Mr. Trump, who is rumored to keep a framed portrait of the late Joseph Stalin on his bedside table, recently told the popular British tabloid The Mirror, “You ask any world leader and they’ll tell you the same as I have: You can’t bring change without purging the opposition. That’s how I work in the business world and that’s how I’ll work in the political world.”

During last Thursday’s Republican debate, Mr. Trump held his own exclusive rally with fellow GOP contender Mike Huckabee where he told a crowd of veterans that he’s not the type of candidate who will back down, saying in a rather ominous tone that, come November 8, 2016, “You’ll either vote to help make America great again or you’ll find yourself outnumbered with your back against the wall.”

According to the latest Iowa polls, Donald Trump is projected to win the Iowa caucuses and holds a strong five-point lead over his closest rival, Ted Cruz. The Texas senator fell to twenty-five percent Saturday following news that his campaign has engaged in deceptive practices stemming from a mailer sent out to Iowans accusing them of having committed voting “violations” in hopes of driving them to the polls.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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