Vladimir Putin Advising Trump on Post-Election Media Interaction

NEW YORK, Ny. – Russian president Vladimir Putin has reportedly been coaching GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump on post-election relations with the media, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign told the Associated Press on Friday.

“The meetings have, thus far, been extremely productive,” said Trump spokesperson Katrina Pearson. “President Putin, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in media relations, has provided Mr. Trump with an immeasurable amount of advice.” Communicating via video conference, Mr. Putin is said to have opened Trump’s eyes to the disadvantages a free press poses to a successful leadership.

“Right now, of course, the media plays a very important role in getting Mr. Trump’s message out to the American people,” Ms. Pearson admitted. “But once he’s sworn in as Commander-in-chief, he’s going to need to use those first twenty-four to forty-eight hours in office to really set the tone as far as future interactions with the media and what is and isn’t appropriate to print.”

In order to do this, Russia’s president has suggested Mr. Trump draw up a list of his biggest and most vocal critics and have them ‘publicly executed on the White House lawn or, perhaps, the National Mall’ in order to set an example. “Ideally, the media should be seen as an extension of the Executive Office rather than a critic of it,” said Pearson, using countries such as Russia, China, and North Korea as examples. “State-sponsored media is one of the reasons these nations have maintained such a strong and sound leadership for as long as they have,” Pearson pointed out.

According to Vladimir Putin, one of the biggest problems Donald Trump will face as a potential successor to Barack Obama will be finding a way to limit certain freedoms afforded to the press under the First Amendment. “Unlike President Obama, who is a student of constitutional law, [Trump] will have to rely on his cabinet to find ways to circumvent the Constitution if he wishes to maintain control of the media,” president Putin told Radio Mayak, a state-owned Russian radio station.

Should Trump win the presidential election, Putin has pledged to dispatch one of his top advisers from the Kremlin to Washington with orders to provide guidance and other “non-traditional” forms of assistance to the new administration.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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