Canada, U.S. Announce Joint Initiative to Combat Global Warming

OTTAWA, On. – Following the first visit to the United States by a Canadian head of state in nearly twenty years, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Wednesday that, as part of a Canadian-American initiative to combat global warming, the two countries will begin sending a sizable portion of their waste to the moon.

Speaking from the Prime Minister’s Office at Langevin Block in Ottawa, PM Trudeau reaffirmed Canada’s commitment to fight global warming and said that after meeting with U.S. president Barack Obama, the two nations have entered into a cooperative agreement aimed at significantly reducing methane emissions produced by waste disposal.

Beginning in June, Canada’s space agency will embark on an operation, in conjunction with its American counterparts, to send more than 200 million tons of waste to the moon each year until 2045. “Unlike earth, the moon isn’t covered by an ozone layer,” Prime Minister Trudeau explained. “There’s nothing to deplete or damage. It’s an ideal environment for waste disposal.”

Further, the prime minister said that by dispatching the countries’ collective waste to the moon, Canada and the U.S. will effectively cut their annual methane emissions by as much as 81%.

“This will be a fairly ingenious scheme if they can pull it off,” mused Fabiola Gionatti, Director-General of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Director Gionatti, an Italian particle physicist, told CBC News that astronauts will have to take great care to ensure the garbage is evenly dispersed across the moon’s surface. “Otherwise there is a risk the moon will become unbalanced,” Gionatti warned. “If this happens it will most certainly divert from orbit and crash into the earth.”

However, Prime Minister Trudeau is confident that wont happen. “We have some of the best minds in North America working on this,” he said. And, in the unlikely event something does go wrong, the prime minster said the United States is prepared to deploy high-yield nuclear weapons to deflect the moon’s trajectory away from the earth.

Canada is scheduled to send its first payload of garbage to the moon on June 6th from its launch site at Fort Churchill in Manitoba.


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