Three Dead After Secret Service Agents Open Fire on Protesters at Trump Rally

BOCA RATON, Fl. – Three people were killed and more than a dozen were injured Sunday evening after Secret Service agents tasked with protecting GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump opened fire on a group of protesters at the Sunset Cove Amphitheater in Palm Beach County.

The incident occurred moments after Trump, who was addressing a crowd of nearly twenty thousand enthusiastic supporters, ordered his security detail to ‘put down’ a group of Latino protesters who were waving a homemade “We’re Not Rapists” banner. “These people make me sick,” Trump declared minutes after his security detail had fired more than thirty-eight rounds into the group -later identified as students from Florida Atlantic University- killing two of them instantly.

The third individual, an eighteen year-old FAU freshman, was dragged unconscious through the crowd as Trump supporters violently kicked and beat him, many using bottles, lawn chairs, and anything they could get their hands on, as weapons. The Maryland native, who had been shot five times by Trump’s security detail, later died “due to significant blunt force injuries,” according to the Palm Beach County Medical Examiner.

Amid the chaos that followed, Donald Trump declared that Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders had sent “his communist sympathizers here to sabotage our evening.” As thousands of fervent supporters chanted “Make America Great Again,” Trump accused a man who was wearing a Marco Rubio t-shirt of “inciting a riot” and demanded his removal from the venue “by any means necessary.”

As he was escorted off the premises, dozens of Trump supporters savagely punched and spat on him, with many accusing him of being a member of the Islamic State. “Go back to Iraq you f***ing sand******,” screeched one woman before striking him in the face with the wooden end of her Trump placard. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump could be heard on stage saying, “I love it, I love it.”

The man, who was later treated at West Palm Hospital for lacerations to his head and neck, identified himself as a first-generation Italian American and told WFLX FOX 29 that he’d decided to attend the rally in hopes of learning more about Trump’s position on immigration reform. However, following his experience, the man said he is “most certainly voting for Hillary.”

Donald Trump told CNN he’s not responsible for the violence that occurred at the Palm Beach rally on Sunday. “These are people who deliberately came here with the intention of inciting violence,” the GOP front-runner told Anderson Cooper. “You saw this in Chicago and now you’re seeing it here. This is a coordinated effort on part of the Sanders camp to undermine the electoral process and discredit me.”

Trump said he plans to cover the legal costs for more than eighty of his supporters who were “wrongly detained” by police following Sunday evening’s mayhem.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

R. Hobbus J.D. is an internationally acclaimed independent investigative journalist specializing in international politics, health, business, science, conflict resolution, history, geography, mathematics, social issues, feminism, space travel, civil rights, human rights... more

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