Clinton Staffer: Hillary Wont Debate Sanders Due to Candidate’s ‘Profound’ B.O.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A spokesperson for the Clinton campaign told CNN’s Brooke Baldwin on Monday that the former secretary of state and Democratic presidential candidate has qualms about appearing at a live debate with Bernie Sanders due to the senator’s “distinctive” body odor.

“Mrs. Clinton suffers from a rare disorder that causes an inflammation in her olfactory receptor neurons, which – in layman’s terms – means her sense of smell remains at a significantly heightened state,” explained Eric Bock, a senior strategist for the Clinton campaign. Bock cited Sanders’ unkempt image as a likely cause for the candidate’s “putrid body odor,” adding that in the past, Clinton has resorted to shoving cotton balls up her nose in order to endure extended appearances with the senator.

Bock said the possibility of a future debate with Sanders rests entirely on whether or not the Vermont senator responds to repeated requests from the Clinton campaign to submit to a brief pre-debate hygiene test meant to ensure Sanders meets Clinton’s “strict standards” of cleanliness. “Presently, we’ve yet to receive a response from the Sanders camp,” said Bock.

Clinton’s senior campaign strategist later told CNN that the request itself is not unique. “Mrs. Clinton demands the highest levels of cleanliness in all aspects of her life,” Bock said, continuing, “Prior to her arrival at an event, every surface must be thoroughly cleaned with unscented disinfectant; carpets and floors are to be shampooed and polished; heating an air conditioning vents need to be inspected for dust; even her Secret Service detail is restricted to unscented deodorant which must be approved before use.”

Michael Briggs, a spokesman for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign has accused Hillary Clinton of “playing silly political games” and sidestepping opportunities to debate with the Vermont senator in the coming weeks. In a statement released Sunday, Briggs said he hoped the Clinton campaign would accept a request to debate on April 10, one of four dates proposed by the Sanders camp ahead of New York’s primaries. Briggs, however, failed to address Sanders’ body odor as well as ‘repeated requests’ from the Clinton camp to mask it.

As of Monday, former secretary of state Hillary Clinton remained ahead in the polls, holding steady at 49.8% according to The Huffington Post. Meanwhile, Vermont senator Bernie Sanders was not far behind at 42.7%.

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