D.C. Area Metro to Shutdown for 21 Days in May for Maintenance, Repairs

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Metro services in the Washington metropolitan area will come to a twenty-one day standstill next month as maintenance crews begin working around the clock to administer much-needed repairs and updates to the ailing transit system, Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority CEO Paul J. Wiedefeld announced Tuesday.

“We’ve received a lot of valuable feedback in recent months from our riders,” Wiedefeld said in a statement posted to Metro’s website Wednesday. “With that said, we’re thrilled to announce that because of you, were making some exciting changes to Metro!” Included in Wiedefeld’s statement is a complete list of the updates and repairs maintenance crews will focus on. “Beginning May 9, we’re ripping out those ghastly carpets which have become an unfortunate staple of the D.C. transit system and replacing them with a more modern and elegant design.”

Wiedefeld said Metro crews will spend the vast majority of the three-week shutdown repainting the system’s 1,130 rail cars to match their designated lines. “For example,” Wiedefeld explained, “all Blue Line rail cars will feature a deep blue paint which commuters may find reminiscent of the sky on a clear afternoon in September.”

Further, Metro will install an estimated nine hundred state-of-the-art trash receptacles throughout its ninety-one stations in the Washington metropolitan area. Each waste bin carries a $2,400 price tag and comes equipped with a built-in trash compactor and incinerator that,  according to Wiedefeld, will greatly reduce the amount of time service personnel spend on waste removal. “This allows us to better allocate our time to more pressing tasks,” Wiedefeld explained.

Such tasks include the installation of some five thousand new First Alert smoke detectors throughout Metro’s numerous stations and tunnels. “We at Metro have a saying – safety first. That’s why we’ve elected to blanket our stations and platforms with smoke detectors. In the unlikely event a fire should break out, we can deal with it in a timely manner,” said Wiedefeld.

Metro is scheduled to close its doors to the public on Monday, May 9th and reopen again twenty-one days later on Monday, May 30th. Minor delays are expected.

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  1. The activities highlighted are window dressing and do not indicate repairs that will actually make the metro safer…where is the focus? Paint, garbage cans and detectors don’t make the metro safer…

  2. Sir I don’t think your article is true. No other “news” source is reporting this, not even DC news.

  3. That’s all well and good but fix the problems first!!!!!! this extra $ for beautification is a waste. Wait till metro build more capital and the money they charging the people should be used for that. Come on now you are acting like the Government wasting $ on BS.

  4. So they’re closing the station to put in smoke detectors rip out carpet and to put in trash cans. For 21 days? Really??, this is why all of the officials in Metro need to be beheaded and put to death or jailed. That is not enough reason to close the Metro for 21 days I am so glad I drive. I feel so bad for the people that take Metro.

  5. How the hell are people going to get to work because they depend On the metro train. The metro buses doesn’t go every where. Damn metro.

  6. This can’t be serious. Shutting a metro so they can replace the carpets for more elegant ones and insert a bunch of smoke detectors? Well what about people? Does anyone actually think about the metro riders who have been having issues running late to work, to school, back home? I don’t see metro authorities reimbursing its riders for all this additional transportation that people have to take because they have no other choice. This is borderline ridiculous and unacceptable. Also, the wording such as “thank you for bringing these exciting changes” is really not the case because nothing is exciting about it.

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