Donald Trump Taps Jorge Eduardo Sanchez as His New Campaign Manager

NEW YORK, Ny. – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump announced on Wednesday that he has hired Jorge Eduardo Sanchez, a former tortilla maker from Guadalajara, Mexico, to replace Paul Manafort, his former campaign manager who was fired last week.

Trump, who introduced the forty-four year-old Sanchez during a press conference at Trump Tower, said he made the decision to hire the Mexican immigrant as part of a “strategic effort” to lessen costs associated with his presidential campaign. “These guys are great,” Trump said, referring to Mr. Sanchez. “I’ll tell you, they don’t ask for much and they work for cheap but they do a fantastic job.”

Sanchez, who emigrated to the United States from Mexico on Saturday, expressed the utmost confidence in Trump’s presidential campaign. “Señor Donald is good man, he give me job,” he told Fox News, adding, “I love George Bush. I love America.” Sanchez said that prior to embarking on foot to the United States last weekend, he left his nine year-old son Miguel in charge of the family business. “He make the tortilla now,” Sanchez said.

Trump’s ability to adequately fund his campaign came into question this week after a report published by the Federal Election Commission showed the GOP candidate has raised significantly less money than his competitors. For example, in May, Mr. Trump brought in about $3 million in campaign contributions while Hillary Clinton received over $26 million.

“I understand money more than anybody,” Trump told NBC’s Today. “After we do the convention in July, we’re laying off our entire staff, who – by the way – have been really great. But we’re firing everybody and bringing on a very diverse group of people who, I can assure you, aren’t going to have a problem working for meager wages.”

“In fact,” Trump continued, “I spoke to my campaign manager Jorge early this morning and he told me that his brother – or possibly his mother – is extremely interested in coming to America and being a part of my campaign, can you believe that? And we have people like Hillary Clinton telling people that Mexicans hate me.”

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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