Idris Elba to Play Bruce Wayne in Tyler Perry’s ‘Dark Knight’ Remake

LOS ANGELES, Ca. – British actor and musician Idris Elba has landed the lead role in Tyler Perry’s upcoming adaptation of Christopher Nolan’s 2008 crime drama The Dark Knight, the actor’s publicist, Michelle Benson, confirmed on Tuesday. “Idris is thrilled to be a part of this project,” Ms. Benson told The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s been a lifelong dream of his to portray Batman.”

Director Tyler Perry, whose previous films include Madea Goes to Jail and Diary of a Mad Black Woman, described himself as a die-hard fan of the Dark Knight Trilogy but said the film’s “distinct lack” of African-American actors inspired him to produce a remake. “We’ve got a great group of people working on this,” Perry told BET. “Kat Williams is playing the Joker. A lot of people said Heath Ledger made a great Joker, but I’m telling you now, wait until you see Kat.”

Also included in the all-star cast is iconic rapper turned actor Ice Cube. One of the pioneers of gangsta rap, the former member of N.W.A. has signed on to play Lieutenant Jim Gordon. In a recent interview with The Source, Ice Cube said he plans to bring a “21 Jump Street-style vibe” to the Gotham City Police Department. In addition, comedian Kevin Hart is expected to appear in a minor role as Robin, Batman’s loyal sidekick.

Actor and author Sir Michael Caine, who played Bruce Wayne’s British butler and valet throughout The Dark Knight Trilogy, will appear in Perry’s adaptation – again – as Alfred Pennyworth. “I’m just relieved I don’t have to relearn my lines,” the actor joked. A source with first-hand knowledge of the casting process confirmed to Real News Right Now that Caine is the film’s only Caucasian actor.

Tyler Perry’s upcoming and highly anticipated movie, The Black Knight, is set to hit theaters in the spring of 2017. The film is rumored to have a budget of $380 million, more than twice that of the original motion picture directed by Christopher Nolan.

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  1. I thought Ben Affleck was doing a script for the movie? What if Ben Affleck is helpping that would be cool as well if there working it together.

  2. This is a joke, how can he play Batman as everyone knows that Bruce Wayne is white, it was the same when he wanted to play James Bond so why try to change everything?

  3. I can’t wait till I get the funding together to replace every single black hero or black role model with a white as rice actor. Junta kintay will be played by Jim carey, MLK Jr will be played by Margaret cho, and Malcom X will be played by Larry the cable guy. Eat that blm.

  4. And now I just read the first paragraph Tyler Perry?! DANGITMAN! Stole ALL my joy that quick! And Katt Williams?! Can he stay sober long enough to do a movie?! Are they trollin?

  5. This is very interesting to me and I’d be first in line to watch it ! Great casting , and I happen to be a Tyler Perry fan . If Warner Brothers has approved this I’m down!!

  6. Actually this was false. Perry was never gonna do this. Just more people trying to get fans angry with how they trying to make superheroes be of a different race. Not racist but this is BS

  7. I’m sorry but Hollywood white washes our history all the time in movies yet you’re outraged by a black super hero? But I thought color doesn’t matter? He’s a great actor, he will do just fine

  8. Ok I don’t mind seeing a black lead super hero movie but don’t change the character for the fans that’s completely stupid. What they should do is create a new super hero that is black and have his or her story that way you get the majority on both sides on people who watch super hero movies that will approve this.

  9. It’s not real. $380 million budget?! No studio puts up that much for any film. Plus, Batman and related characters are not public domain, they’re licensed by DC Comics and Warner Brothers is the only studio that makes DC films. Ben Affleck is currently Batman. They’re not going to have two different actors playing Batman simultaneously. This is satire, 100%.

    That being said, I’m no bleeding heart liberal or anything but who cares what color the actor is that plays Batman? Ask yourself, is being White part of the key, essential elements that make Batman/Bruce Wayne who he is? Does changing him to Black or Hispanic or Asian change anything about his character other than the fact that he’s always been White and you want him to stay that way? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating for changing his race just for the sake of changing his race. It should be done under one of two conditions only, with any character. Either changing his race fits a particular adaptation of the character that you want to tell, or the best available actor to play the character happens to be a different race because there’s never any fault in casting the best talent (which would be the case in casting Edris Elba as James Bond in my opinion).

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