Trump: We’re Going to Make it a Crime for Muslims to Own Guns

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump told supporters at the Special Events Center in Greensboro, North Carolina, on Tuesday that if elected, he will make it illegal for Muslim Americans living in the United States to purchase and possess firearms.

“Look, I’m going to tell you, when I’m elected we’re going to do things very differently,” Trump declared. “We’re not going to have Muslims buying firearms in this country and I’ll tell you why: they can’t be trusted.” The former reality TV star said Muslims currently living in the United States – including those who are U.S. citizens – need to be vetted to ensure they haven’t been radicalized in one form or another by the Islamic State.

“I don’t care if they’ve been living in this country for five years or for twenty-five years,” Trump said, adding. “And believe me, we know who they are. They may think we don’t but we know exactly who they are. And this is very backwards but these people follow their religion very closely and I will tell you that getting their hands on an AK-47 is considered a rite of passage in Islam.”

Trump further expanded on his call to ban Muslims from migrating to the United States, saying that as president he would order Muslim American gun owners to turn their firearms over to the government or face immediate deportation or imprisonment. “We cannot continue to allow these people, many of whom share the same savage beliefs as the Orlando killer, to get their hands on firearms.”

Trump later blasted President Obama for costing taxpayers “billions of dollars” by allowing what he called a “tremendous flow” of Syrian refugees into the country. “He’s already let two hundred and fifty-thousand of these people – and folks, we have no idea who they are – but he’s let them into this country and now Hillary, who not only wants to confiscate guns, is now she’s saying she wants to increase the number of refugees by five hundred and fifty percent.”

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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