Doctor Says Clinton Has ‘Extremely High’ Levels of Dihydrogen Monoxide in Her System

NEW YORK, Ny. – Less than forty-eight hours after Hillary Clinton nearly collapsed while attempting to leave a ceremony in New York honoring the victims of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, the Democratic presidential nominee’s personal physician revealed that Mrs. Clinton has been found to have extremely high levels of a chemical known as dihydrogen monoxide in her system.

“Prior to [Clinton’s] pneumonia diagnosis, we ran a series of tests to determine her overall health,” Dr. Raymond Davis, Clinton’s primary care provider, said during an appearance on Good Morning America on Tuesday. “What we’ve learned from those tests is that Mrs. Clinton’s body weight is currently made up of nearly 68% dihydrogen monoxide.” The startling revelation comes at a time when Clinton has once again found herself in the spotlight for failing to disclose important details surrounding her health.

Like the toxic chemical ricin, dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO) occurs naturally and can be found in a number of industrial products including pesticides, solvents, and Styrofoam. “This is something that can have extremely adverse effects on the human body,” Dr. Davis explained. “When handled improperly, dihydrogen monoxide has the ability to inflict severe burns.” Further, a study conducted by the World Health Organization shows an estimated 370,000 people are killed annually as a result of dihydrogen monoxide inhalation.

“The question now is how on earth Secretary Clinton was able to ingest this much DHMO in the first place,” questioned Fox News contributor Dr. Marc Siegel. “The obvious answer is this is yet another example of a complete and total lack of transparency on part of the Clinton campaign,” Siegel continued. “And to pull a stunt of this magnitude on the anniversary of 9/11; I can’t think of a bigger insult to the American people.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Raymond Davis told Good Morning America that his office was specifically asked by Clinton’s campaign manager not to leak the DHMO report to the media. “It was my decision to circumvent the Hippocratic Oath on this one,” Dr. Davis said, adding, “The public deserves to know the truth.”

This isn’t the first time dihydrogen monoxide has made headlines. In 2007, the Australian parliament made an unsuccessful attempt to ban international use of the chemical after DHMO was revealed to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect. More recently, in August of 2016, Washington, D.C.’s Department of Public Works noted in a quarterly report that “dangerously” high levels of dihydrogen monoxide are present in the District’s water supply.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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