Israeli Company Says Self-Destructing Body Cameras Could Prevent Fatal Police Shootings

TEL AVIV, Il. – A major supplier of weapons and equipment for the Israeli Defense Forces is offering a possible solution to curb fatal shootings committed by police officers in the United States. “The Righteous Observer is a lightweight low-profile waterproof tactical body camera capable of recording audio and video at up to 4K resolution,” Avraham Katzman, founder and CEO of Gabriel Solutions, told The Guardian.

What sets the Righteous Observer apart from other high-end body cameras on the market today is that it is essentially impossible to turn off. “What we’ve done is embed about thirty grams of an explosive known as RDX into the frame of the camera,” Katzman explained. “If the device is out of range of its receiver and is either switched off or removed, the result is immediate detonation.”

Despite containing near trace amounts of explosive material, field tests conducted by Israeli forces in the West Bank and Gaza Strip show that when detonated, the Righteous Observer packs enough explosive force to punch a softball-sized hole through a concrete wall. “With the Righteous Observer, not only do you see a rapid decrease in misconduct within your ranks but at the same time, you have a significant increase in accountability,” Katzman said.

Esther Alperstein, Director of Public Relations for Gabriel Solutions, told Real News Right Now that in 2015, the company provided the Palestine Red Crescent Society – a humanitarian organization that delivers emergency medicine and ambulance services to the Gaza Strip – with over two hundred Righteous Observer body cameras at no charge. “It’s our way of giving back to the community,” said Alperstein, adding that since then, the camera’s success rate has topped out at nearly one hundred percent.

The Righteous Observer has yet to make landfall in the United States but a number of police departments including Baton Rouge and Bakersfield, California, have already contacted Gabriel Solutions to express an interest in the cameras.

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