Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson Unable to Find Washington, D.C. on a Map

ATLANTA, Ga. – During a campaign event in Atlanta on Wednesday, Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson failed to successfully locate the nation’s capital on a map of the United States. “If I remember correctly, it’s right here,” Johnson said as he placed his index finger on Wilmington, Delaware.

Moments later, the former governor of New Mexico gave it a second try, this time identifying Elizabeth City, North Carolina, as the iconic U.S. Capital. On the third and final attempt – and once Johnson’s running mate, former Massachusetts governor Bill Weld, offered some assistance – the Libertarian nominee was able to locate the District of Columbia somewhere in the vicinity of Baltimore, Maryland.

“I don’t believe that not knowing the precise location of Washington, D.C. should disqualify me from leading this country,” Johnson later stated, adding that as President of the United States, he wouldn’t be doing much driving anyway. “I plan to spend my free time focusing on the issues,” the candidate explained. “I’ll leave the directions up to the computers.”

While the former New Mexico governor may be about as informed as the average middle class voter, Johnson’s supporters say his lack of knowledge simply proves how refreshingly disconnected he is from the political spectrum. “You want to talk progressive, here’s a guy who doesn’t even know the meaning of partisan politics,” said Dr. Alexander Starkey, an associate professor of sociology at the University of California in Berkeley. “You can’t get much more progressive than that.”

A spokesman for the Johnson campaign confirmed early Thursday that the Libertarian Party’s presidential nominee has yet to receive a formal invitation to the second presidential debate scheduled for Sunday, October 9, in St. Louis, Missouri. “We’re working to figure out where the invitation may have ended up,” Johnson’s campaign spokesman, Joe Hunter, told Real News Right Now. Hunter said officials recently made the decision to upgrade the campaign’s primary method of contact from a post office box to a Yahoo email account.

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  1. In a time where everyone has a smartphone in their pocket, video of it couldn’t be produced? Sounds like a load of carefully edited media bull&%*$.

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