Recent Study Shows Nearly Six in Ten Trump Supporters are Illiterate

CULLMAN, Al. – An independent study conducted by the bipartisan policy group Alliance for Community Organizations seeking Reform Now has determined that just over fifty-nine percent of voters who support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump suffer from moderate to severe illiteracy.

Posing as representatives from the Nationalist Reform Council – a fictional conservative action group – ACORN officials staged several mock elections last month at community centers throughout Cullman County, Alabama, under the pretense of helping residents register to vote in time for the general election. “We were really pleased with the turnout,” said Matthew Breyer, who heads ACORN’s northern Alabama office. “We were able to register nearly twenty thousand voters over the span of three days.”

Once residents were successfully registered to vote, ACORN officials ushered them into a room where about a dozen voting booths had been set up. “We wanted to get an idea of the average voter’s understanding of the election process,” Breyer said before adding that voters were asked to enter a booth and cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. However, unbeknownst to participants, the ballots had been slightly altered. “Under the category ‘U.S. President/U.S. Vice President,’ you had the option for Clinton/Kaine centered inside a solid red rectangle,” Breyer explained. “Likewise, the option for Trump/Pence was centered inside a solid blue rectangle.”

Following the simulation’s conclusion, ACORN officials were amazed to discover that more than two-thirds of registered Republicans in Cullman County who participated in the mock election had cast their votes in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “She won by a massive landslide,” recalled Breyer. “The data we collected seems to suggest that a sizable number of Republican voters are unable to read above a third grade level and are simply casting votes by selecting the color that corresponds with their preferred party.”

“This should be a major wake up call and I think we need to take a hard look at the educational system in this country,” said Fox News contributor and Republican strategist Barry King. “This may have been a simulation but we’ve got multiple GOP leaders saying there’s going to be a rigged election next month. There’s a legitimate fear that you’ll have altered ballots just like this popping up all over the country and as a result, we’ll be forced to suffer another four years under Obama’s failed policies.”

In recent days, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has increasingly warned supporters that the upcoming presidential election will be rigged against him. “Of course there is a large-scale voter fraud happening on and before election day,” the former reality TV star tweeted on Monday. Trump has called on his supporters to closely monitor voting centers and has said that he will not willingly accept defeat in the event Clinton secures the presidency.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

R. Hobbus J.D. is an internationally acclaimed independent investigative journalist specializing in international politics, health, business, science, conflict resolution, history, geography, mathematics, social issues, feminism, space travel, civil rights, human rights... more

  1. You are fucking kidding me. What you are saying is completely out of line. You actually believe your conclusion, makes you very stupid. No 1/3 of Americans are not illiterate! Voter who did mot vote for Trump!

    1. “No 1/3 of Americans are not illiterate! Voter who did mot vote for Trump!”

      This looks like it was written by a Trump supporter…

  2. Lears we are highly Educated people NO one with a bachelors degree can stand on one of the street corners over past midnight Jijijijijijajaja

  3. This comes to no surprise! Just look at the way his constituents behave! They act like animals! They’re quick to defend Trump every time he does and says something stupid! They feel it is their right to attack those who do not support Trump! We non-supporters have to deal with the violence, name calling and Trump condones their actions! He even encourages bad behavior!

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