Man Who Had Near-Death Experience Claims Heaven is ‘Overrun by Dinosaurs’

FORT WAYNE, In. – An Indiana man who had a recent near-death experience after a tragic car accident left him in a coma says he made a shocking discovery during a brief trip to the afterlife. Forty-eight year-old Thomas Miller of Fort Wayne, who sustained a traumatic brain injury and lost both his legs after a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer, called the experience a “turning point” in his life. “It’s really put things into perspective for me,” Miller told WFFT News, a local Fox affiliate.

Immediately after the crash, Miller described being “wrapped in a blanket of warmth” and feeling his body rise through the mangled remains of his Toyota Prius and up into the sky by a “loving presence.” But Miller says once he passed through the pearly gates, things took a nasty turn. “There were dinosaurs everywhere,” an emotional Miller told WFFT. “Some were as tall as buildings and they were just killing and eating everyone. There was so much chaos; so much destruction.”

Dr. Brian Rosenbaum, a neurologist at St. Joseph Hospital in Fort Wayne, says it’s common for people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury to experience vision-like dreams. “To put it simply, when you have a multi-sensory disintegration occur at the temporoparietal junction, the result is a disruption of various cognitive functions that regulate the brain’s ability to self-process,” Rosenbaum explained. “This is when people might believe they are having a so-called near-death experience.”

However, Miller is certain his experience wasn’t the result of a disruption of his cognitive functions. “I personally witnessed a pack of velociraptors chase down a group of angels and tear them limb from limb,” he told WFFT News. “It was hands down the most horrific thing I’ve ever seen in my life.” Miller, who considers himself a devout Catholic, said the Heaven depicted in the bible is a total war zone. “I just can’t wrap my head around how something like this is possible.”

Fortunately for Miller, Father Robert Parsons of the Archdiocese of Indianapolis might have an answer. “Several years ago, His Holiness Pope Francis declared that all of God’s creatures have a place in the Kingdom of Heaven,” Father Parsons told Real News Right Now. “In the event this proclamation extends to the dinosaurs – and there is no evidence it doesn’t – then we must assume there are millions of them in Heaven. After all, these creatures ruled the earth for nearly sixty-five million years.”

As far as Thomas Miller is concerned, Father Parsons’ explanation offers little in the way of comfort. After his experience, Miller says the concept of life after death no longer holds any appeal. “Even so, I keep playing the events over and over in my mind,” he said. “The last thing I remember was Saint Peter grabbing me by the collar, shaking me, and yelling, ‘Stop sending people here, it’s not safe!’ Then I woke up in the hospital and found out I’d lost eight months of my life.”

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  1. Using Biblical theology alone this doesn’t add up. Heaven is a peaceful place, and God wouldn’t allow that any more than Satan’s crap. Heaven could well have dinosaurs, but much like how the lion will eat straw they wouldn’t be eating meat.

  2. There are two kinds of near death experiences – those provided by God and those provided by the demonic realm. This guy had a deceptive nde provided by evil spirits. Deception is what they do best.

  3. There are three kinds of near death experiences – drug induced, those ordained by God, and phony ones provided by the demonic realm. This man experienced something provided by evil spirits. Deception is what they do best.

  4. This is the silliest article I have ever read. I do very much believe that NDE’s happen, that many have gone to heaven for a short period of time, and the Lord sent them back to finish something in this life. I hav read of many such NDE’s by proven reliable people, but not in one of those did they ever speak of anything in heaven, but complete unfathomable love, peace, and beauty just as God’s word promises very clearly. I also believe either the gentleman in your article did not really have a legitimate NDE or he did indeed, but actually experienced a little of hell.

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