S. Korean Police Arrest ‘Vigilante’ Businessman Who Took Down Drug Trafficking Ring

SEOUL, Sk. – A South Korean pawn shop owner is facing a slew of charges including grand theft auto and murder after police say he single-handedly dismantled a notorious drug and organ trafficking operation during a seventy-two hour rampage last week.

The forty year-old businessman – who neighbors describe as a “quiet loner” – first appeared on their radar during a recent police operation in downtown Seoul. “Mr. Cha was one of several suspects – including [Seok crime family lieutenant] Oh Myung-gyu – who were arrested in connection with the illegal drug trafficking,” announced Detective No who heads the city’s anti-narcotics task force.

Detective No said that during questioning at Metropolitan Police headquarters, Mr. Cha made several attempts to charm his interrogators with warm conversation. Then, without warning, Cha “employed the use of advanced combat techniques and agility” to quickly overpower and subdue some two dozen officers before vaulting from a third-floor window into the street.

Immediately following the harrowing escape, police say Cha Tae-sik commandeered a vehicle and drove straight to a popular Seoul night club owned by the notorious Seok brothers. “During an altercation in one of the restrooms, Cha Tae-sik used a pocket knife to murder two gang members before engaging in a brief gun battle with a third individual,” explained Detective No before adding that Cha managed to flee the scene before police arrived.

Less than an hour later, emergency crews responded to an explosion at warehouse in Seoul’s commercial district. Witnesses described seeing a man matching Cha Tae-sik’s description exit the building – which police believe was used as a methamphetamine lab – several minutes before it exploded. A number of bodies including that of Jong-seok, co-leader of the Seok crime family, were later recovered from the debris.

Cha Tae-sik’s rampage came to a bloody end Tuesday night when the heavily armed pawn shop owner stormed a penthouse apartment belonging to Man-seok where he effortlessly slaughtered twenty-four henchmen before executing Seok’s chief bodyguard. Cha then chased down and shot the drug kingpin as he tried to flee through the building’s below-ground parking garage.

In a written confession provided to SBS Eight O’Clock News by the Soul Metropolitan Police Agency, Mr. Cha stated he first became aware of the Seok organization’s illicit activities after a violent break-in at his apartment complex resulted in the kidnapping of a young mother and her five year-old daughter. “I had to do something,” he admitted, adding, “I’m her next door neighbor.”

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