President Trump Tells Boy Scouts of America Delegation that The Earth is Flat

WASHINGTON, D.C. – President Donald J. Trump told a delegation from the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday that he has “strong evidence” the earth is flat. “I’ve spoken to many, many experts, whom I won’t name, and they tell me the earth is absolutely flat,” President Trump told the delegation – which included an eleven year-old Cub Scout – during a meeting in the Oval Office.

A White House aide who witnessed the Oval Office outburst told Real News Right Now that Mr. Trump became agitated after two Boy Scouts – aged eleven and thirteen – presented him with an antique desktop globe bearing the Boy Scouts of America logo. “His face went from orange to red in a matter of seconds,” said the aide, who agreed to speak to the press on condition of anonymity. “The president asked the Scouts if they believed the earth was round and then demanded they explain why its curve isn’t visible along the horizon.”

On Friday, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer backed up President Trump’s claim that the earth is flat, telling reporters in the White House Briefing Room that strong evidence exists in support of the flat earth theory. “I think that there’s no question that the earth is flat,” said Spicer in response to a question from The Washington Post. “The question is, is it disc shaped or a plane? I personally believe there’s been enough reporting on the subject to strongly suggest the earth is disc shaped,” said Spicer, who serves on the advisory board of The Flat Earth Society.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway echoed Mr. Spicer during an appearance on Fox News Friday morning. “This is the President of the United States we’re talking about,” said Ms. Conway, who appeared on Fox & Friends wearing an elegant off-white dress from Ivanka Trump’s Spring Collection. “He has information and intelligence that the rest of us do not. If he says the earth is flat, then we the people should take him at his word.”

The BSA delegation traveled to Washington this week to submit their 2016 Report to the Nation to the president, a tradition that dates back to Franklin D. Roosevelt. The annual report summarizes the Scouts’ yearly accomplishments and goals for the future. President Trump, who was barred from joining the Boy Scouts as a youth due to “bone spurs” in his heels, called the report “tremendous,” saying, “They should give merit badges for this kind of thing.”

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  1. Had some of he BSA’s leadership team read this in March, the never would have invited the president to address the July 2017 Jamboree! Look at where that debacle led!

  2. I dare you to go onto YouTube watch and actually pay attention to 200 proofs the Earth is not a spinning ball and you will see that it has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that the Earth is FLAT…

  3. Haha a link to the flat earth society really? A control group misleading people. There’s a lot of flat earth groups out there that tells the truth but not the flat earth society meant to throw people off flat earth research with ridiculous claims. Nice try

  4. First time in history America had a president who told the truth about almost everything. But they lost it by ridiculing and humiliating such a persion. Enjoy the clown.

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