President Trump Seeks to Forge Climate Change Denial Pact with Nicaragua, Syria

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Less than a week after withdrawing from the Paris climate agreement, President Donald J. Trump has announced the formation of The America Agreement, a climate change denial pact which he hopes to forge with Nicaragua and Syria, the only two countries on earth that did not sign the Paris climate accord.

“Climate change is a hoax, folks. It’s a huge hoax,” declared President Trump, who spoke at length about the alleged conspiracy during a meet and greet with American oil and coal executives on Monday. “Believe me, they don’t tell you this, but the Democrats invented climate change. They invented it so they could take jobs away from hardworking Americans and outsource them to Mexico and China. It’s very sad.”

President Trump, who appears to have modified his initial assessment that China invented global warming “to make U.S. manufacturing jobs non-competitive,” said that countries who decide to enter into The America Agreement will receive a lifetime waiver on taxes associated with imports to the United States. Meanwhile countries that refuse will “end up paying through the roof” on import taxes.

“The president understands that any sort of deal where other countries have the ability to set their own goals is a bad deal for the United States,” White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said on Monday. Spicer said the White House has reached out to a handful of world leaders, including Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, to discuss The America Agreement. “I think it’s obvious that the president and Mr. al-Assad don’t see eye to eye on some issues,” Spicer told reporters, continuing, “Having said that, they clearly agree that this so-called issue of climate change is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.”

Nicaragua, which declined to enter the Paris agreement on the grounds that it stopped short of holding nations accountable should they fail to adhere to their own pledges, is unlikely to accept Trump’s terms. However, Press Secretary Spicer said the president is confident countries will “inevitably” abandon the Paris pact once they realize the benefits of The America Agreement.

President Donald Trump, whose decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement last Friday brought stunned reactions from world leaders and business executives alike, sought to further delegitimize climate change, telling Fox News’s Jeanine Pirro that the air conditioning industry is “partially” responsible for the hoax. “Air conditioning makes you believe it’s hotter outside than it really is,” explained Mr. Trump. “Think about that for a minute. If we didn’t have air conditioning, you wouldn’t even notice.”

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