Deep State Elections Set for August 9, Absentee Voting Already Underway

MONTE ROE, Ca. - With the 2017 Deep State elections rapidly approaching, election officials are urging voters to verify the location of their assigned polling centers well in advance of election day.

“Those who are eligible to vote will have received their gilded envelope by now,” an individual involved in the election process confirmed to The Drudge Report on Sunday. The individual, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to interact with the public, said absentee voters have until August 8 to submit their ballots via armed courier.

Handpicked by the Deep State’s Lord Protector Barack Obama, candidates are slated to present their final statements to voters during a special election ceremony at Bohemian Grove campground next week. While candidates’ identities are only available to those who possess a gilded envelope, they are said to be competing for highly sought-after key leadership roles within the Deep State. The 2017 ballot is said to include positions at the Directorate of Natural Disasters, the Directorate of False Flag Operations, and the newly minted Directorate of Digital Influence, all of which require a term of no less than twelve years.

“The results of next month’s election will help steer the direction of global events for the next hundred years,” noted billionaire tech mogul [REDACTED]. A prominent Bohemian Club member since 1999, [REDACTED] said he hasn’t seen an election of this importance since December 21, 2012, when then-U.S. president Barack Obama was appointed permanent Lord Protector of the Deep State. “A lot of what you’re seeing today is a direct result of his rule,” [REDACTED] added.

Voters who are unable to attend August 9th’s election ceremony at Bohemian Grove have the opportunity to choose from a number of discreet polling locations on election day. “Voters should consult the information contained in their gilded envelopes,” a source involved with the election told Real News Right Now. Typical polling centers include estates owned by the Rothschild family, yacht clubs, select Ivy League schools, and international banking institutions with holdings of over $10 billion in gold.

R. Hobbus J.D.

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