Hillary Clinton Hospitalized With Exhaustion After Signing Too Many Books

YONKERS, Ny. – Hillary Clinton was hospitalized with exhaustion on Thursday after the former Secretary of State signed a record-shattering one thousand copies of her new book, What Happened, during a book signing event at a Manhattan area Barnes & Noble.

Witnesses say the former Democratic presidential nominee appeared to lose consciousness moments after signing the 1,000th copy of What Happened for a loyal fan.She stood up like she was about to say something and then she kind of staggered backwards before falling face first into a chest-high stack of books,” Maria Rodriguez, a lifelong Clinton supporter and mother of six, told The New York Times. 

Clinton, whose bestselling account of why she lost the 2016 presidential election to former reality TV star and billionaire entrepreneur Donald J. Trump has sold more copies in its first week than The Art of the Deal sold in a year, is said to be recovering at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai Hospital. “Mrs. Clinton suffered some minor bruising but we expect her to make a full recovery,” Mount Sinai’s chief medical officer, Dr. Ben Sheldon, told reporters on Thursday. “Rest assured, she’ll be back to signing books in no time.”

Sources close to Clinton say that despite her injuries, the former Secretary of State is “readier than ever” to get on with her book tour. “She let her self go a little too hard today,” Clinton’s longtime friend and publicist, Jacob Knot, told Real News Right Now, adding, “It just goes to show how devoted she is to the American people.”

In just over a week since its release, What Happened has quickly become the most talked-about publication in American history with tens of thousands turning out daily to catch a glimpse of the former First Lady turned bestselling author. “She’s a total rock star,” said Lee Irving, who, along with hundreds of other ecstatic fans, has attended book signings in multiple states. “When you look at the size of these crowds it’s more than obvious how she won the popular vote.”

R. Hobbus J.D.

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  1. If she passes out sitting on her fat butt signing a false “whoa is me and it’s everyone’s fault but me” narative, how in the hell could she ever run a country? She wouldn’t. She’s really sick in many ways!

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