White House Says Trump in ‘Frequent’ Contact with Extraterrestrials

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Since assuming office on January 20, 2017, President Donald J. Trump has periodically exchanged messages with intelligent extraterrestrial life forms who, according to White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, have provided him with advice and guidance on a multitude of issues ranging from job creation to national security.

“They know he’s an excellent negotiator – probably the best our planet has to offer – and that’s why they’ve elected to speak with him,” Secretary Sanders told a handful of reporters during an off-camera briefing on Wednesday. While Sanders could not comment on the extent or frequency of the encounters, she said President Trump is “extremely humbled” to be the first head of state to make contact with alien life.

While senior White House officials and even Trump’s immediate family are reportedly barred from attending meetings between the president and his extraterrestrial advisers, sources close to Mr. Trump say the president has hinted that he’s negotiating a deal with the aliens that will make America “better than anyone ever thought possible.” However, due to the secrecy surrounding President Trump’s private encounters with the extraterrestrials, the terms and precise nature of the deal remain unclear.

During an interview with Fox News host Shepard Smith, President Trump’s longtime friend and dentist, Dr. Charles H. Brister, DDS, said the president believes he was chosen by the aliens for a reason. “At our last session, [the president] told me how grateful he is to have these beings in his corner, particularly considering how unfairly he’s been treated by the media,” Dr. Brister said, adding, “He’s the only one capable of doing this and he knows it. That’s why the American people elected him.”

In a statement released Thursday, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said that, despite the implications, President Donald J. Trump has not yet met face-to-face with the allegedly intelligent beings. As to whether Mr. Trump will have his own close encounter of the third kind is, according to the White House, “between the president and his ET counterparts.”

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  1. A face to face meeting assumes the aliens have a face. “Face to communicative organ” might be a more bigly correct description.
    I do feel Ms. Sanders should provide us with not only a physical description of the a aliens but also a statement of their U.S. financial holdings. It would be tragic if this encounter was turned into another witch hunt.

  2. actually, i had thought trump was the alien, so glad to hear he is only in contact with them and as you mentioned his dentist, a well known alien practice is to install a micraphone and recording device within a gold (naturally} inlay. this can be checked out first by a close up next time he makes one of his speeches when he opens his little mouth fully. further investigation after acertaining he has such a gold inlay would involve advanced cyber-technology of the kind used by the russians during the election. Of course, the Russians are also working with these intelligent extra-terrestrial aliens and have been for some time and plan to continue in the future. this is a wonderful opportunity to issue a warning to all readers, that mass hypnosis on a first national then global scale is planned where those hypnotized will be given the suggestion that they should believe and support mr. trump as he dismantles the government of the united states into something never seen before.

  3. Trump is not the first. According to history Eisenhower sold us out in his 3 meetings back in the 40s.the truth will always cine to the light as the dark side tries to hide it.

  4. Honestly? How could such an advanced life form devolve enough to make sense of Mr Trump’s single celled intellect. Oh! I suppose if they wanted to take over now’s the time . They too probably have him in conpromising shots with some Martian hookers.

  5. if anyone here has a chance to read about Pepe the Frog, or Kek the Frog, and its close association with Donald Trump, they claim that the grey aliens are actually amphibious in nature, as the reptilians are more lizard like. This article is actually extremely closer to the truth than any article you will find on the mainstream. Props, keep up the good work..

  6. Hmm,I was but a baby,when extraterrestrials visited me, multiple ones such as Grey’s & reptilians,and they still follow me,I have o negative blood so ,I’m more special than anyone in Whitehouse or media or science than they ever will be!;)

  7. This is a joke, right?

    With all the UFO disclosures coming from the Pentagon lately, nothing in this article jumped out as unrealistic. Sure, it would be big news, but I could easily see it happening in real life.

    The Trump quotes don’t seem unrealistic either. That’s really how he talks.

    What a year… I literally can’t even tell satire news from real news anymore.

  8. I believe his family line is different his farther had a strange fellow in his presence that ate like a lizard, and when he retired he went to work with Mr. Trump. and I to have witness of a space dick in NYC as a child so you can’t tell me they are not here.

  9. It’s all true LOL. ACTUALLY MY SOURCES tell me the alliance is preparing to engage the dark fleet and end their reign of terror. The archons have fled back to 4D that is those who were outside the system as the quarantine barrier put up by the ancient builder race alliance is multidimensional. They are not allowing any further incursions into the Sol system by archonic forces.

  10. I’m with YOU President Trump!! I believe in Extraterrestrials. I hope that what you’re thinking, learning and being told by them is do-able to Making America Great Again!!
    I’m recently retired and therefore available to help you should you need or desire a helping hand!!!
    I’m 78 years old, walk with a walker but other than challenging legs i’m 100%.
    Best of luck to you in your endeavors and God Speed in accomplishing your goals and desires!!
    Carol Lindblom

  11. I was a UFO investigator for years; talked with so many experiencers. I’m quite certain the extraterrestrials would be smarter than that!

  12. The USA have been in contact with aliens since the beginning of WWII. How do you think the Nazi s built their circular flying machine at Peeamunda . The evidence is there for all to see today.

  13. I believe that most humans have already come to the conclusion that we are not alone in the universe. I believe it is time to reveal the truth to the American people about aliens. People will be able to handle the truth and personally i couldn’t be more excited. All people need to unite and help each other get beyound our silly differences as well as welcome other life forms to help with our evolutionary journey.

    President Trump should announce to the american people that the aliens are among us and they want to help.

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