FBI Agents Expelled from ‘Secret Society’ Following Text Message Mishap

WASHINGTON, D.C. – A pair of high-ranking FBI officials who exchanged cryptic text messages appearing to suggest the existence of a ‘secret society’ in the days and weeks following the 2016 presidential election have been expelled from the ranks of a shadowy organization known as the SSoSV, a man claiming to be the group’s leader told CNN on Wednesday.

The leader of the so-called ‘secret society,’ who calls himself ‘Commander Darksied,’ arrived unannounced at CNN headquarters Wednesday morning escorted by two jet-black helicopter gunships. Flanked by a contingent of heavily armed bodyguards and wearing what appeared to be a full-body tactical suit and a matching black latex cape, Commander Darksied stormed the set of Anderson Cooper 360 demanding a ‘sit-down’ with the award-winning journalist. “It seemed he wanted to tell his side of the story,” the show’s executive producer, Charles Moore, later told the Associated Press.

As to what led him to come forward, Darksied claims he just wanted to set the record straight. “There’s too much fake news out there these days,” charged the SSoSV commander during a tense on-air interview with Anderson Cooper. “The fact is those agents were nothing more than low-level volunteers; to put it bluntly, they were coffee fetchers.” Commander Darksied said the FBI agents, whom he described as being “lower than interns,” violated his organization’s code of conduct when they chose to make light of its existence in a series of text messages. “One of the core characteristics of a secret society is that it remains secret,” Darksied explained.

The self-described founder of the SSoSV went on to accuse President Donald Trump of “perpetuating a false narrative” on Tuesday when he took to Twitter to publicly blame Samsung for the loss of thousands of text messages sent between the two FBI officials during a five-month period beginning in December of 2016. “I gave the order to delete those messages,” Commander Darksied told CNN before clarifying that the texts were deleted to protect the interests of his organization. “Those messages will never be recovered,” the commander vowed.

While little is known regarding the origins of the SSoSV, experts say the shadowy group could have ties to an organization established in the late 1970s. “They called themselves the Secret Society of Super Villains but make no mistake about it, this was a terrorist organization.” a former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the group told Real News Right Now. The official described the organization’s elusive leader – also known as ‘Darksied’ – as a warmonger and a tyrant, saying the super villain’s ultimate goal was to “conquer the universe and eliminate all free will.”

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