Ohio Man Fired for Frowning During Workplace Discussion About Trump

CLEVELAND, Oh. – A software developer in Ohio is out of a job after he allegedly frowned during a break room discussion about President Donald J. Trump’s plan to build a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, an attorney representing the former employee told FOX 8 Cleveland.

On January 8, Martin Greer, a front-end web developer at Intratech Global, walked into the company’s second-floor break room where two senior executives were engaged in a conversation about immigration policy. Upon hearing the discussion, Greer reportedly looked at the floor and “frowned angrily” before walking out of the room. The forty year-old’s actions were deemed hostile and threatening to the workplace and he was immediately escorted from the building by security.

“We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior at Intratech,” the tech company’s chief executive officer, Walton Richards III, told Real News Right Now. “Anytime you have an employee who is actively making those around him feel uncomfortable or unwelcome, you have a responsibility to address the situation immediately.” Citing Mr. Greer’s official notice of termination, Richards said the disgruntled employee “knowingly created” a hostile work environment when he chose to “disrespect the presidency by utilizing a form of non-verbal communication to express his apparent disapproval of our Commander-in-Chief.”

While Greer maintains he wasn’t aware of the nature of the break room discussion and insists he was frowning because he realized he’d left his wallet at home, those who worked alongside the forty year-old software developer describe him as a loner who was unhappy with the status quo. “Martin is a snowflake,” fellow developer Monica Parsons told Fox 8 News. Parsons, who shared an office with Greer for three years, said he didn’t stand for the national anthem during a 2017 Super Bowl party hosted by Intratech CEO Walton Richards III.

On Wednesday, a spokesperson for Intratech Global announced the tech company is considering filing a harassment suit against Mr. Greer and will likely seek punitive damages in the event the suit is successful. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe campaign launched by senior executives at Intratech in an effort to cover any legal costs the company may incur if Mr. Greer decides to file a countersuit has raised more than $390,000.

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  1. This is fucked up. why was he fired for fucking frowning. Donald trump is the worst president a city could ask for. He doesn’t know about the person’s life and he just fucking fired him damn.

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