Rihanna Spotted Leaving Same Grocery Store as Tom Hanks

NEW YORK, Ny. – Rihanna was spotted leaving a popular supermarket in Hell’s Kitchen last Sunday moments after actor and producer Tom Hanks emerged from the same location pushing a shopping cart full of bagged groceries, fueling intense speculation that the high-profile entertainers could be friends.

Witnesses say Rihanna left Brooklyn Fare shortly after 11 a.m. carrying two brown paper bags – an indication that the award-winning singer is staunchly eco-minded. “The environment is something Rihanna obviously cares a great deal about,” says Mario Palmero of the New York Post. “The fact that she opted for paper over plastic demonstrates just how important this issue is to her.”

While Rihanna and Hanks come from two entirely different walks of life, the pair’s apparent love for brown paper bags could be an indication of a budding friendship. “The question on everyone’s mind right now,” says Palmero, “is, ‘Do Rihanna and Tom Hanks know each other? Are they friends? Did Rihanna see Captain Phillips? And if so, what did she think of Hanks’ portrayal of Captain Richard Phillips?”

As of Tuesday afternoon, neither Rihanna nor Hanks had publicly commented on the alleged friendship but a source close to the Oscar-winning actor told TMZ that Mr. Hanks is “very good friends” with the songwriter. However, Rihanna’s publicist was quick to dispute the claim, telling Real News Right Now that her client and Mr. Hanks are “nothing more” than Facebook friends. “Sure, they may exchange the occasional Poke or Like, but that in no way suggests a friendship,” Rihanna’s longtime publicist said.

Whatever the case may be, The Post’s Mario Palmero says the evidence speaks for itself. “Both Rihanna and Tom Hanks were spotted leaving Brooklyn Fare within a span of five minutes,” argues the seasoned celebrity reporter. “When you have two big-name celebrities in the same place at the same time, it’s not a coincidence,” Palmero explains before adding, “My gut tells me there’s something they aren’t telling us.”

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