Source Close to Rep. Nunes Says Virginia Truck Driver Had Ties to Clinton Foundation

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, Wv. – The driver of a garbage truck that was struck by an Amtrak train carrying dozens of Republican members of Congress on Wednesday may have had ties to the Clinton Foundation, a source close to Congressman Devin Nunes (R-Ca) told The Washington Examiner.

The source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the press, indicated that Congressman Nunes had issued a classified memo on Thursday which contained evidence that the truck driver had worked a garbage route that covered the Clinton Foundation’s headquarters in New York City before abruptly relocating to Crozet, Virginia, some years earlier. “There’s no telling how deep this goes,” the source told The Examiner, adding, “We may have only scratched the surface.”

Multiple high-ranking intelligence officials with firsthand knowledge of the memo have confirmed to Real News Right Now that the House Intelligence Committee plans to open an investigation into how and why the Clinton Foundation may have orchestrated Wednesday’s collision. “What we’re hearing is that this was an attempt by [the deep state] to ultimately prevent the Republican leadership from reaching its destination,” a senior intelligence official told Real News Right Now. At the time of the crash, GOP leaders were en route to a secure below-ground facility at West Virginia’s prestigious Greenbrier resort.

“True or not, these allegations simply reinforce what we already know about the Clinton Foundation’s desire to establish a one-world government,” argued Bryon Jefferies, a visiting fellow at the conservative-leaning Heartland Institute. While Jefferies admitted he is not “well-versed” in the inner-workings of the Clinton Foundation, the veteran political analyst pointed to the foundation’s alleged involvement in uranium trafficking as well as its plans to harness control of the world’s water supply. “These are all just pieces of a much bigger puzzle,” Jefferies explained, continuing, “The end result is a new world order.”

Congressman Devin Nunes, who made headlines this week for his explosive memo questioning the FBI’s handling of FISA requests and domestic surveillance of the Trump campaign, issued a statement condemning former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s alleged role in the Amtrak collision, saying, “We will not be cowed or bullied by Crooked Hillary any longer. In due time, the deep state will crumble and justice will be served.”

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