During State Dinner Trump Calls French President Macron ‘The Son’ He Never Had

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Speaking to guests during the first State Dinner of his presidency on Tuesday, President Donald J. Trump showered French President Emmanuel Macron with praise, calling him “tremendous” and “incredible” before affectionately referring to the forty year-old President of France as “the son” he never had.

“I will tell you, it’s not fake news that we have a very special relationship,” President Trump announced during the first of nearly two dozen unscripted and seemingly off the cuff toasts to the French leader. “He’s like a son to me, he really is. He’s the son I never had,” Trump conceded, later adding, “I should have married a French woman. I mean just look at this guy. Look how handsome he is.”

President Trump, who has fathered at least five children of his own including three boys, recounted an intimate moment in the Oval Office early Tuesday when he took it upon himself to brush some dandruff off of Macron’s shoulder. “It felt like a very fatherly thing to do – and I will tell you we usually have help that handles that sort of thing but it felt very nice,” President Trump recalled.

In a statement provided to France 24, a spokesperson for President Emmanuel Macron said the country’s youngest democratically elected leader has developed an affinity for Mr. Trump. “He shares many of the same views and values as [the U.S. president] and has come to see him as a mentor and, to some extent, an adviser in both personal and political matters,” the spokesperson was quoted as saying.

While President Donald Trump’s relationship with his French counterpart may very well be special and unique, it remains far from perfect. A senior U.S. intelligence official who spoke to Real News Right Now on condition of anonymity said Mr. Macron declined an invitation to sit on President Trump’s lap during Tuesday’s meeting in the Oval Office. The intelligence official, who was present during the exchange, said the French president claimed to suffer from an “incapacitating” fear of heights.

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