Vice President Pence: God to End Human Suffering on July 10th, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Speaking to staff members during a luncheon at the U.S. Naval Observatory on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence recounted a recent vision in which he was visited by two angels “who bore a message from the Lord,” a senior administration official who was present at the luncheon told The Washington Post.

According to several sources who attended Wednesday’s event, angels appeared to Mr. Pence during a midnight Easter Vigil last Sunday, telling the Vice President of the United States that God will end all human suffering on July 10th, 2018. “Our prayers have been answered,” a jubilant Pence reportedly told the room before adding that he and his wife plan to “ride this thing out” in a secure bunker beneath the U.S. Naval Observatory.

Citing logistical issues and unapproved security clearances, Pence told his staff that he “couldn’t promise” they’d all have a place in the bunker. However, the vice president was quoted as saying, “You’ll all have a place in heaven if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.”

While Pence is known to have a direct line of communication with God, those close to the vice president say his most recent vision is particularly jarring. “Usually it’s just trivial stuff like ‘don’t forget to tie your shoes’ or ‘you should run for public office,” Becky Huntsman told Real News Right Now. Huntsman, who attends a bible study group with Mr. and Mrs. Pence, said she finds it “unsettling” that God would only give humanity three months to repent. “After everything that’s happened, you know, with Moses and the Ark – I mean it’s great news; it just seems so sudden.”

Alyssa Farah, who serves as Press Secretary to the Vice President, defended Mr. Pence’s decision to not immediately inform the White House of his vision on Wednesday, saying the vice president was unsure as to whether God would want President Trump to know of the impending rapture. “This was something that the Vice President intended to pray on,” Farah told reporters, adding that Pence had not anticipated the conversation would be leaked to the press.

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  1. What does he mean ” God will end HUMAN SUFFERING”? Is this a reference to The Rapture? That would end the suffering of The Body of Christ, but would then begin the greatest of suffering for the rest of humankind. Not exactly understanding. WHY would he hide in a bunker? It has just left more questions ….

  2. You do realize the entire site is satire right? Every article is meant to be a joke. Even the name of the writer is a joke about a conspiracy journalist from the past.

  3. WOW…PURE IGNORANCE….MORE LIKE FAKE NEWS RIGHT NOW. GET A LIFE!!! Obviously, you are desperately bored with yours. SMH

  4. I’m sorry I commented on the religious blog u have. After seeing your other post about POTUS I can see I made a huge mistake!! You are a nut!!! If I would have took the time to read and see what u are about, I could have saved the 30 min I waisted of my life I can never get back!! All I can do for you is pray the Lord will heal what ever is wrong with your brain!! God bless you sir!!!

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