Coveted Roles Becoming Scarce as Crisis Acting Goes Mainstream, Industry Insiders Say

NEW YORK CITY, Ny. – When Jack Hamilton first accepted the role of ‘United Airlines Passenger #32’ in August of 2001, he never expected his near-flawless portrayal of a nameless victim of Islamic extremism would propel him into the spotlight as one of the industry’s most sought-after crisis actors.

Now, as blockbusters such as The Parkland Massacre and The Ongoing Humanitarian Crisis in Puerto Rico continue to garner worldwide attention, even well-respected crisis actors like Hamilton are struggling to find roles. “Head shots aren’t enough anymore,” the thirty-eight year-old Manhattan native explained during an exclusive interview with Real News Right Now. “If you don’t have an agent, don’t even think about coming to an audition. They’ll laugh you out of the room.”

Hamilton, who was named the Highest Paid Crisis Actor of 2016 by False Flag Weekly, says crisis acting has become so popular in recent years that many seasoned actors are being forced to seek work outside the United States. “I know a lot of guys who have gone over to Syria to pick up roles as chemical weapons attack victims,” Hamilton said, continuing, “Those kinds of gigs don’t pay much but that’s the unfortunate reality of crisis acting in this day and age.”

Chris Yang, who made his debut as ‘Drowned Fisherman #12,571’ in The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, told Real News Right Now that up until June he’d been out of work for nearly a year. “Asian Americans have always struggled to compete in the entertainment industry. Crisis acting is no different,” Yang said, adding that after months of auditioning he was finally able to secure a role as ‘Chinese Tourist #4’ in an upcoming New Jersey Turnpike tour bus accident.

As crisis acting continues to gain popularity around the country, industry insiders are predicting a major shift in the entertainment industry with mainstream actors beginning to gravitate toward crisis acting. “You’re already seeing a lot of liberal colleges such as UC Berkeley offering crisis acting classes as an elective,” explained Jack Hamilton. “I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing people like Tom Hanks or Jennifer Lawrence in some of these roles.”

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  1. David Hogg aka. Hogg Boy was spotted a few weeks ago in NYC surrounded by bodyguards .More than likely being scripted for another role .

  2. It seems to me that SAG or some other labor organization should “take charge” and realize that the demand for crisis actors is clearly on the rise [a trend experts agree will continue into the foreseeable future-ed.]. I think in these modern times of cell phones and youtube, we can ALL get our allotted 15 minutes of fame through crisis acting [the allotment has recently been reduced to 2 minutes-ed.]…but I ain’t doing that s#it for free. Those people that played (and mostly off-screen, mind you) WTC victim’s family members–they got MILLIONS! I want to be CLEAR here: I’m not talking about the jumpers’ stunt doubles (who really “brought it” in that production, btw)…I’m talking about the people who played their kids!…and some of them were INFANTS! All I’m saying is that we should unite and demand a living wage for our talents as crisis actors…ALL OF US!

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