Lindsey Graham Defends Purchase of Anatomically Correct Donald Trump ‘Statue’

SENECA, S.C. – Senator Lindsey Graham found himself in the hot seat this week after an unsuspecting house guest stumbled upon a life-sized silicone statue of President Donald J. Trump during a Memorial Day cookout at the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman’s modest South Carolina estate.

“Quite frankly, it’s nobody’s business but mine,” Senator Graham retorted when confronted by reporters on the steps of the US Capitol on Wednesday. Graham reiterated his claim that he bought the 6’3 silicone statue to serve as a daily reminder of his ‘unyielding devotion’ to President Trump. “Where I come from it’s not uncommon for folks to show respect for their Commander-in-Chief,” Graham later told Sean Hannity during an appearance on Fox News.

However, a spokesperson for the Shenzhen Jarliet Company, a mainland China-based mass-producer and exporter of adult-themed products, described Mr. Graham’s statue as a “doll,” saying the South Carolina senator’s $11,000 custom order was nothing out of the ordinary. “We have a very diverse customer base,” the spokesperson told Real News Right Now, adding that the United States accounts for more than thirty percent of the company’s annual sales.

While Senator Graham continues to dispute allegations that portions of his Trump statue were “anatomically enhanced,” an aide to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who attended Mr. Graham’s Memorial Day cookout and caught a glimpse of the Trump doll, told The Daily Wire that it was “very clearly” well-endowed. “Frankly [it] was much bigger than I think anyone would care to imagine,” the aide was quoted as saying. The aide added that he attended the party as a “plus-one” and did not know Senator Graham personally.

Made with 100% medical grade silicon and boasting a “high quality” fully movable metal skeleton, Senator Lindsey Graham’s lifelike Donald Trump statue sports a black blazer and pants, a white dress shirt, and a solid red tie – the president’s signature attire. An alternate outfit consisting of over-sized khakis, a white golf shirt, and a Chinese-made Make America Great Again hat was also included in the order.

R. Hobbus J.D.

Investigative Journalist

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  2. Well, that is a little weird..but what is weirder is, who looked to see? The dummy was dressed..what sicko pulled the pants down? WEIRD!! What kind of man even does that? Hmmmm? I don’t “get” men like that. And then, admits he actually looked….

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