Montana Authorities Say Missing Hiker Likely Abducted by Aliens

BILLINGS, Mt. – A thirty-seven year-old Montana man who was reported missing after failing to return home from an afternoon hike in Two Moon Park last month was likely abducted by aliens, a spokesperson for the Billings Police Department announced on Tuesday.

Authorities say Travis Pratt, a former high school track star and popular fly fishing guide, was last seen around 11:30 a.m. on July 9th at The Base Camp, a sporting goods store in downtown Billings. “He was here for about fifteen minutes, dropped off some business cards and bought a backpacking stove,” Willy Ferguson, an employee at The Base Camp, told KULR-8, a local NBC affiliate. “He said he was headed up to Two Moon for the day,” Ferguson recalled, adding, “There was nothing out of the ordinary about it.”

Pratt is the fifth person to be abducted from Two Moons Park since 2017 and authorities believe he won’t be the last. “We’re seeing a disturbing trend here,” Billings Police Chief Rich St. John said during a press briefing on Tuesday. “In each case, the victim has simply vanished without a trace.” St. John noted that all five abductees have been men between the ages of thirty-five and forty. A sixth individual, Kenneth Sabelli, who was abducted from the park in May of 2018, managed to escape captivity nearly three months later by boarding an escape pod and returning to earth.

The escape pod, which police described as being “about the size of a minivan,” is currently being housed in a secure garage at the Billings Police Department impound lot and has incurred nearly $14,000 in daily storage fees. The department ramped up security at the lot late last year following “multiple attempts by unknown entities” to retrieve the extraterrestrial craft. “Additional officers and resources have been assigned to the area and residents have been advised to maintain a safe distance from the facility,” a statement posted to the department’s website read.

While authorities have refused to comment on what, if anything, was recovered from the escape pod, locals believe a type of advanced weaponry is currently being employed by the department’s SWAT team. “I don’t know, some kind of anti-matter weapon, maybe?” Joshua Hackworth, a West End resident who witnessed a pre-dawn drug raid while walking his German Shepherd last October, told the Billlings Gazette. “All I know is I heard a noise that sounded like a jet engine. There was a blinding flash of blue light and, literally an instant later, the house was vaporized, like it had never even been there.”

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